Fire at Yonge St and St Clair West.

I was there when there were only 8 fire trucks, and I could smell the fire. Nothing ever serious happens at this location. I pass once more in that area 1 hour later and the intersection is completely blocked. Here are some pictures I took.

A special February 14 in Toronto.

I have decided to use this picture from now on online. The one who took this picture, photographer Teddy Melvin, also took the picture of Prince Charles in his visit to Canada many years ago. Teddy used to be a client of mine when I worked at Hallo Courier. Ted said to me that he volunteered his services for Prince Charles. I was not as lucky as Prince Charles with my picture.

Simon Luisi

Things are going very well with the preparations for the 2016 Canadian Memory Championships. The trophy, the medals, the Memory Disciplines, are all ready. Registration has already 8 officially registered contestants. The venue is about to be confirmed. People are going to come from distant provinces to participate in this event. I’m quite happy with the way things are going. I’ve just started some paid publicity on Face Book! We’ll see how that helps.

I went to hear the New EBR Commissioner yesterday. Sax was quite gloomy about the environment but hopeful because the guys with the money are now at the table of the discussions.

She says we aren’t ready for what is coming regarding global warming…

One of my friends from primary school his being picked on by my former school mate. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s a bit of Jian Ghomeshi story, except there is no physical abuse and my former friend isn’t as well known as Jian.

Simon Luisi

runs for political office with animal protection parties, active in memory training, competitions philosopher, entrepreneur. failed comedian.

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