Imagination is Magic.

You are the master behind all that you dream of. The master of your craft. The master of all trades and a jack to none. You can BE, DO, ACHIEVE anything that you want in life as long as you believe that you can. We, the most magnificent creatures to ever grace this 4.5 billion year old sometimes-quite-SCARY-but-endless-opportunity land, cage ourselves in a box known as mental slavery. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be great and/or we may compare ourselves to other people. After awhile, we become this robotic machine walking around lifeless because we decided to compete and compare versus embracing our uniqueness. Please. I advise you not to do this. You will end up like my arch nemesis’ negative Nancy, depressed Debbie, and hating-a** Holly, who will NEVER escape this box. Wouldn’t life be more fun if we weren’t confined to boxes anyways?

So. I advise you to be yourself and embrace the person that God created you to be by allowing your imagination to live. Life is not a competition and basing your entire identity on comparisons will not lead you to happiness. We are all aligned to run our own race. A race that our Creator created for us to navigate through. At times, we may get a little dirty, scuffed knees, or feel unbearable pain while partaking in this race but the beauty of it is to embrace the journey and the scenery along the way.

Have faith in the impossible and keep believing that you can do whatever it is that your heart desires while you make an effort to constantly do what makes you, your heart, and your imagination feel alive.

What are you waiting for?

Get Busy!