Beneath the insanity.

This is a large part of Our task on the road of discovery of who and what We really are.

The harbinger to Our ability to witness Humanity within those We meet is in the realization/recollection of Our own individual Human identity. …

What does it mean?

I’ve mentioned seamless Joy a few times on the Cult wise page, in fact it’s mentioned on My profile here on Medium; I’d like to invest a bit of time in an attempt to describe or define what it means and is.

Rollercoaster happiness’, is what…

Must We follow strict stages?

Who among Us hasn’t heard of the five stages of grieving?

  1. denial
  2. anger
  3. bargaining
  4. depression
  5. acceptance

The five stages of grief model was first introduced by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in Her 1969 book, “On Death and Dying”, and perhaps these stages or steps were accurate for…

Witnessing a Miracle

I hope You’ve all had a chance to read the lovely book by H.B. White, “Charlotte’s Web”, it’s a children’s book, filled with lessons for all ages, not the least of which are the lessons on friendship and Love. …

We needed to get Home.

When I was around eighteen, I smoked pot for the first time. I loved it. I loved it because it made Me feel good.

What I didn’t realize until thirty some years later, when I put it down at last, was that before I took…

Or investing them.

A question We hear often repeated is; ‘how do you spend your free time?’

This is a very intriguing query indeed. If the time We’re spending doing what We love, and what presumably fulfils the need for meaning in Our lives is known as free time, what…

In One’s own Heart

When We experience some troubling negativity, We often make the mistake of placing blame, this never helps or solves Our dilemma, and moreover it usually makes matters worse.

When We use Our Universal intelligence and reason in order to find a root cause, above and beyond…

Wake Up!

I usually don’t write a comment when I read a confused individual’s writing about what they’ve been conditioned and programmed to believe. …

Already gone

The 'news' I have for You, You may initially perceive as bad news or negativity, or You may just as well decide that You're reading the ramblings of a fool; perhaps You are, a fool would be the last to Know.At any rate; the Truth is, all…

It is wasted energy, let it be.

When We were little children, We didn’t worry about trying to be Ourselves, We just lived and thrived, in spite of the mentally/emotionally crippled adults all around Us. …

Joel Harris

Encouraging individuals to recollect/realize the True Primal Individual Identity through the written Word, leading to a Dwelling in seamless Joy.

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