JOUR 220 Homework Week #5: World News

US Secretary of State Meets with Asian Allies

North Korea’s latest missile test is a hot topic of discussion among foreign ministers meeting in Bonn, Germany. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has met with South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se and Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, whose countries have promised to enhance their security. The U.S. “remains steadfast” in its defense commitments to the two Asian allies, “backed by the full range of its nuclear and conventional defense capabilities.”

Islamic State Claims Baghdad Car Bomb, Kills 51

A car bomb in Baghdad claimed at least 51 lives, as well as injuring more then 60, according to Iraq’s Interior Ministry. Issuing an online news statement, Islamic State claimed responsibility of the bomb, stating that they were targeting Shiite Muslims. The attack took place in the southwestern al-Bayaa neighborhood, which is mostly Shiite, near a car dealership.

WWII Bomb Discovered in Greece, 75,000 People Evacuated

A large-scale evacuation has been under way in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki after the discovery of a 500-lb WWII bomb, which officials will diffuse. All people living within a 1.9-kilometer (1.18-mile) radius of the bomb site were ordered to leave, and a state of emergency has been declared. The bomb was found earlier this month during construction to expand storage tanks under a gas station.

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