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On Being Successful

versus everything else..

I used to want to be the Mark Zuckerberg of Asia.

Getting rich, running a big company like Facebook and becoming well respected among people were something I aspired to become for the past 25+ years of my life. I was always busy working toward building my startups and audience, attending meetups on all verticals and networking whenever I could.

But after I started traveling solo for a year while juggling all those tasks, I had an epiphany and my priorities shifted.

I finally discovered what makes me happy. It was freedom, the ability to do whatever the hell I want whenever I want while earning a living doing so.

If I was able to become the Mark Zuckerberg of Asia but ended up being occupied by the responsibilities I imposed upon myself which led me to having less time to travel the world, then what’s the point of doing it.

Everyone is born wanting more freedom. From schools to colleges to work, we all look forward to the day we will be able to do whatever we want, however we want and whenever we want.

Now, instead of working so hard all the time, I decided to focus more on freelancing, accepting enough freelance work to allow me to improve as a designer and have enough time to travel the world freely.

Now, that is the definition of success for me. What’s yours?

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