Releasing All My Photos Under Creative Commons

Introducing BucketListly Photos

It was not long ago since I first bought a real camera and started capturing little details and moments of the world while traveling solo around Asia.

Photography has always been an after thought for me because with my time spent mostly working on my 2 startups (Travelistly and BucketListly) and with so many photographers already out there I didn’t think it was wise to get into it back then. But as I traveled to places, I realized how naive I was to rely on camera phones to capture one the best moments of my life.

That was when I decided to buy a Sony RX100, a compact camera that allows me to capture my travel in RAW format while being extremely mobile and durable.

After more than 11 countries visited in the last year and a half, I decided to make use of all my photos and released them all under Creative Commons here:


BucketListly Photos, a creative common collection of travel photos anyone can use for free. You are free to use these photos as long as it follows the licensing guideline:

Sample Accepted Use Of The Creative Commons License

  • Blog Post describing a trip to Paris
  • Online article discussing the growing popularity of HDR photography
  • A website for a school project about the use of light in art
  • An individual using an image as a desktop background for the computer monitor
  • Read more here

Why free?

As a photographer, my purpose is not to create beautiful or realistic photos, but to inspire others to travel.

As stated here, my main goal is not to make money. I want to inspire people to visit these places I’ve been. Travel is the best education in the world and If I could play apart in inspiring people to travel, it would be through my photography.

Also, the Internet has given me so much that I think it is time for me to give back to the community that made my work/travel life possible.


Below are a few examples of travel photos available on BucketListly Photos.

Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal
The Milky Way in the Himalayas, Nepal
Annapurna South, Nepal
Sunset in Mandalay, Myanmar
Fatehpur Sikri, India
The Taj Mahal, India

I hope you find these photos useful and I can’t wait to see what you will create using these photos. If you want to stay update with my photography, follow me @peachananr, or if you want to read more about my travel, check out BucketListly Blog. Enjoy!

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