3 Great Ways to Dress a Bay Window

A bay window is something people often wonder how best to use well. While they add personality and character to a room, it’s now always clear how to make the most of this space. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your bay window look great. Careful attention to detail and thinking about the use of the entire space are crucial.

Letting in Light

One of the best things about having a bay window in your home is that such windows let in a lot of light. You want to take advantage of this fact by dressing up the window well. A set of blinds or shutters is very useful in this instance. Look for blinds and shutters that work well with the other design elements in the room. If you have lots of hardwood flooring in your home, wooden blinds can bring the look to the windows and give a pleasingly unified appearance. Softer blinds made from fabric can also help soften any harsh lines in the room. To maximize privacy and still let in light. consider wooden shades for only the bottom part of the bay window.

Beautiful Fabrics

Another great way to dress up any bay window is with the use of fabric. Curtains come in many colors and sizes. A set of balloon curtains can help show off the beauty of the view outside. Curtains that pool on the floor can help add a sense of drama and formality. A set of roman shades with lots of fabric is also ideal for use in this kind of space. Roman shades let in soft light while still add curves to the windows. Look for fabrics that work with the type of fabrics you already have here. Window coverings in a heavy silk to match the couch make the room even more inviting.

Seating Options

Dressing a bay window up can also make it more functional. This is a great place to place a thick loveseat that matches the rest of your furniture. Place the loveseat in the window area to create a cozy nook for reading or intimate conversations. If you do a lot of work at home, this makes an ideal place to put a writing desk and an office chair. The copious amount of light can help brighten your day even when you don’t have time to go outside. Many people find this an ideal area to place a window seat. You can do it yourself or work with a carpenter to create a custom made seat just for your house. A window seat offers additional seating and extra storage. Place a cushion on the seat that coordinates with the window coverings.

Work With Us

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