CEO Notes: May 2016

Biweekly tidbits from Peach CEO, Nishant Singh.

“Guys, have fun in the present moment. Don’t live for the future because after July 2016 you will live for July of 2017. You should do things that you feel connected to doing and where you feel you are having fun.

Since we were born we were always taught to work now for a better future -Kindergarten to secondary school, secondary school to high school, high school to college, then to get a job, and then get a house, babies, car etc. But in doing all this, you never enjoy your high school or your college, you always had a continuous knock on your back about the uncertainty of the future.

There is a supposedly a difference between playtime and work time because work in our society is considered to be doing uninteresting tasks that you are paid for.

There is a reason why you hate airlines, their service is bad. Their service is bad because it is built by people who didn’t want to do that. They are doing it so that they can make money and use that money to have fun in their playtime. But then with that money, what are you gonna do? You’re gonna buy a ticket on that same airline and get bad service. Since you never worked for fun, you can’t expect to receive fun service from airlines.

You will live a much more wonderful life if you take your work as play, as a game of poker. If you are working here for the sake of money, think how you can get rid of that. Have fun here at Peach.

If you are not having a wonderful time and you feel like you have to work today for 8 hrs, talk to your manager or me and let’s figure out something for you that you can have fun with.”

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