Who doesn’t love Din Tai Fung and their tasty dumplings, amiright? And don’t even get us started on the green beans, YUM.

Amazon Ruby lucked out and will be the first to get receive the magical text from Peach that will offer up Din Tai Fung to be delivered to their office.

Because everybody wants DTF with Peach, we decided to see who wants it the hardest. Yesterday our Peachers showed us how sad their measly little lunches are without Peach and Din Tai Fung, using the hashtag #DTFwithPeach. And the results were awesome. Some Peachers made us laugh so hard we choked on our own lunch, cry because their lunch was so sad, but ultimately — they made us hungry for DTF.


Next week, the following offices will taste sweet victory of dumplings in or around their mouthes:




Honorable mentions of offices who won’t get DTF next week, but also won’t have to wait long…. wink, wink, are:




Congrats winners and runner up offices! Don’t forget to brag about your dumpling victory on social media with the hashtag #DTFwithPeach

Big thanks to all that participated, we feel your lunch pains. Here are some #DTFwithPeach highlights:

Winner Urbanspoon
Winner Porch
Winner Expedia
Runner up Smartsheet
Runner up Redfin
Runner up Julep
A for effort Anchor QEA
Best use of hashtag TMobile
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