Our Peachy Team

Letter from the CEO

Hello lovely Peach customers,

Hope you’re all doing fabulous. I wanted to take a minute from your holiday festivities and thank you for a great 2015 and give a preview of the year to come.

We started the year at 19 people and are now 33 strong, moved offices 3 times, looked for some sunshine and decided to launch San Diego– seriously, it’s always sunny there — and grew revenues 10x. Really, there’s been growth everywhere. Even 2 Peach employees grew their families by 2 babies, that’s 200% more babies, and 3 more of us are now engaged! We sold half a million lunches and gave millions of dollars to the restaurants. Some restaurants even shut down their lunch to serve only Peach! We love our restaurant partners and their delicious food.

Sometimes we can’t believe all this happened in one year. But it did! And it’s because of you. Thank you!

Next year is even more exciting! We are going to expand to more cities, 
starting with Boston on Jan 18th. We’re also giving our love back to you by piloting more features next year, like sending multiple restaurants on the same day and supporting more dietary restrictions. Yes, we got overwhelming feedback that we served a lot of Chicken Tikka Masala, but it tastes so good! But really, we won’t rest until we get closer to our mission of knowing what you love for lunch as well as your mom does, and then giving that to you with the same love and attention. Which means, of course, we will keep on improving our on time delivery rate even higher than this years’ of 96%. 
We are also working very hard with VPs/CEOs to get you cheaper 
lunches via Peach perks where employers can pitch in some dollars to help reduce the prices for employees.

Next year is going to be beautiful. We here at Peach wish you a very happy New Year — enjoy the holidays and eat lots of cheesecake.

Thank you, 

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