PeachDrives: Just text DRIVE to hitch a ride.

“With hundreds of drivers going on delivery routes every day, it just makes sense to pivot into the taxi industry.” — Rani Shah, Chief Innovation Officer at Peach.

As the expanding urban landscape experiences a culture shift with its relationship to transportation and food, businesses have started to think about how they can tune into the true needs of consumers. Peach has focused on the food experience since its inception and aims to provide a quick and seamless way of providing lunch.

“At the end of the day we’re just a bunch of ones and zeros delivering quarks, ya know? And sometimes photons.”

We recently asked ourselves, why stop at lunch delivery? Why not fully utilize the drivers delivering the food?

Then it hit us: Peach delivery drivers should be able to deliver meals AND deliver people!

Peach is proud to announce our newest initiative:

PeachDrives - The easiest way to hitch a ride in your city.

Our recent surveys show that 47% of our users prefer to use Peach if we provide a different service in addition to our existing lunch delivery service.

Survey taken by Chief Ideation Officer, Erika Kay M.D, Ph.D

Senior Executive Chief Data Officer of Peach, Sir Christopher Montes, has said the following about Peach’s decision to start PeachDrives, “Numbers don’t lie, it’s all about the sheer numbers I say. At the end of the day we’re just a bunch of ones and zeros delivering quarks, ya know? And sometimes photons.”

We will be debuting PeachDrives similar to how we have debuted our Peach lunch delivery program. Our current markets: Seattle, Boston, and San Diego will now have the option to text back DRIVE to Peach in order to request a ride from a nearby delivery driver.

Try it! Text DRIVE to 85176.

Once you have texted DRIVE, a driver that is currently on their delivery route will be able to pick you up from your location and take you to a destination. Due to U.S food delivery restrictions, the destinations you can travel to must be wherever the delivery driver is making a delivery. You currently cannot choose the actual destination of where you will be driven and dropped off.

While we understand this may be an inconvenience compared to existing and competing taxi/driver apps, we here at Peach believe that the journey is more important than the destination.

What makes PeachDrives ahead of its time is allowing PeachDrives users to barter with their drivers for payment. While paying with conventional US dollars will be accepted in PeachDrives, commodities like live goats, wheat, and Twitter followers are all encouraged as barter items.

Once a driver picks you up and you both have agreed on your form of payment, it’s a smooth ride to your next destination!

PeachDrives will be launching in Seattle, Boston, and San Diego on Friday, April 1st.

Controversial co-founders of local Seattle data analytics firm (Naughty Boyz LLC.), Luke Gabrieli and Tim Moore, had the following to say about PeachDrives,

“It’s a cute idea but companies should really stick to their core business before pivoting to new, random features.”

Text DRIVE to 85176 to experience PeachDrives.

Tweet #PeachDrives to leave us feedback or comment below!


Update as of April 1st, 3:11 A.M: Naughty Boyz LLC. has declared bankruptcy due to internal issues.

(Peach co-founders, Nishant Singh, Chenyu Wang, and Denis Bellevance, were unfortunately unable to comment on the PeachDrives endeavor due to their disappearance after getting into a car with a PeachDrives driver.)

Written by Rani Shah —

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