Peach Restaurant Spotlight: Satay

Peter and David, Owners of Satay

Like chicken on a stick? We do too. Now, you can get Satay’s traditional Malaysian food delivered to your office exclusively through Peach.

While Peter and David prepared food for their daily Peach delivery, we picked their brains to learn how they became owners of such an awesome restaurant.

Satay, the well-known Malaysian street food spot (situated on Wallingford’s 45th street) was a culmination of a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia and a lifetime of eating traditional Malaysian food at family parties.

Chicken satay with jasmine rice, slaw salad and peanut sauce

In college, Co-owner Peter Ringold traveled abroad and was inspired by the cuisine that surrounded him. While winding between Malaysia’s streets and stopping at food carts, he recognized the simplicity of the food.

“People specialize in a few things and are able to put more time into those dishes to make them good,” he said.

Back in Seattle, he turned to his Malaysian aunt, who had been making traditional dishes for every birthday party and function since he was a kid.

His aunt didn’t have recipes, so they spent weeks testing different dishes to find the right proportions and measurements.

Tofu satay with jasmine rice, slaw salad and peanut sauce

Once a menu was final, Peter opened Satay in December of 2010. The restaurant gained a following and soon received recognition from local press. The Stranger said, “Satay’s peanut sauce, hands down the best in town.”

Their peanut sauce is impressive in flavor due to the meticulous process of roasting the nuts in house and grinding them. The texture of the sauce makes it special, as it contains crushed peanuts throughout.

Peter’s brother David joined Satay in 2012, making it a family business. David brought his restaurant experience and bounces back and forth between helping customers at the counter and grilling skewers in the kitchen. The “Satay Brothers’” father even works a shift each week.

Stop by the Satay at 1711 N 45th St, Seattle to see the Satay Brothers in action, or try their dishes on Peach.

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