The Battle for the Eternal Free Lunch

Earlier this year, we were facing a most difficult choice: which of our locations would be the first to be served by Din Tai Fung.

We wanted to help those who need it most, so we decided to our users decide their fate by sharing photos of how sad their lunch is — and the saddest lunch of all would win the iconic restaurant for their office. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hand Sandwich!
The saddest face on earth
The sadness knows no bounds!

But now, with the dark season encroaching upon us, we thought it would be nice to spread some joy instead. With a battle of epic proportions!

This time, we asked Peachers to share pictures of their most favorite lunch — and the top photographers would win their favorite restaurant for free, forever, every time it goes to their office. (No, we’re not kidding.)

And, as always, we were blown away by the creativity of our users. Here are some of the most beautiful, adorable, and epic shots so far!

The sushi thief!
It takes an army to guard THIS lunch
A “balanced” meal
Sometimes, waiting is simply not an option
Seattle Sushi scene. So beautiful!

And of course, our favorite, and the first week’s winner! We just couldn’t resist:

So cuuuuuuuuute!

We are honored to be serving food to the folks coming up with all of these amazing photos, and can’t wait to see what you guys will come up with next!

Check out the rest of these awesome entries here:

And if you have not shared a photo of your favorite Peach lunch yet, do it! Do it NOW! All you have to do is share it on Twitter/Instagram with hashtag #peach4life — winners are announced daily!

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