Peach for Android (+ some new features for everyone)

We are beyond excited to announce that Peach for Android is now available for download in the Google Play Store. Now more people in more places can join their friends and family on Peach.

A few months ago, when we began working on Peach, we set out to create a fast, simple way to immediately share what’s going on around you. We knew we wanted Peach to be flexible and creative, to facilitate whatever mode and medium you choose to express yourself in. And crazy easy. We also wanted something different from social as usual, something freer, more personal, and more fun. A way to communicate more vividly.

Bringing Peach to Android marks a huge leap forward for our community, adding to the millions of expressions of what people are feeling, thinking, seeing, hearing, and doing.

Today also brings some important updates to the Peach experience, on both iOS and Android.

Public profiles

Now you have the option to make your profile public, which means that anyone can follow you and comment on your posts without you having to approve friend requests. For anyone looking to build an audience on Peach, or for those looking for interactions beyond their group of friends, public profiles introduce more ways to connect. (You can change your profile type from your account settings.)

Who to follow

Discover some awesome public accounts that you can follow now. Tap on [Add Friend] and then [Who to Follow] for the list. We’ll be adding to it, so keep checking back.

Share posts anywhere

Every Peach post now has its own URL that you can share anywhere you like. Tap the share icon next to the timestamp. (You can manage who’s able to share your posts from your account settings.)

Speaking of which, there’s a brand new…

Account management menu

Change your email, your password, verify or reset your phone number, customize privacy settings, and more, all on your own.

* New moods!
* The new magic word ECHO lets you give any text some trippy oomph.
* We broke out the wrench and fixed a few bugs affecting Favorites and profiles with lots of media in them.

That’s all for now. Chat’s up next! Along with scrolling back to older posts and unblocking.

Keep those reviews coming! We read every one to make the app more fun.

❤ Team Peach

Peach lets you share what you feel, think, see, hear, and do — vividly.

Peach lets you share what you feel, think, see, hear, and do — vividly.