So apparently I’m a Domme now, too. Pt 1.

It’s the day after my encounter with the Mystery Homework Dom. I’m feeling subby and sexy and lonely.

I get a text from an old friend of mine. Like, OLD OLD friend. Like, we banged once, when I was 21. It feels like forever ago. I’ll call him #10.

I haven’t replied to his texts in years. I’ve long since blocked him on Facebook. He did find me on LinkedIn one time, so I indulged him with some chatter for a moment or so. But the texts just keep coming.

Every few months or so. Sometimes a gap of a year in between. They’re bait texts. Usually just “Hey.” But sometimes “I need advice,” or “I have a question.”

I ignored him for years. But then, on this day, it hits me. He wants to be humiliated. I know I’m right because the truth fits like a glove.

Now it all makes sense. Now I know why he keeps trying to contact me after all these years. It’s because of all those times when I blocked him online. All those times I called him annoying. I called out his bullshit. I told him he needed to deal with his anger-management issues. I yelled at him and called him pathetic. I told him the sex was bad.

And now I realize — he loved it.

That’s why he treated me like shit while we were flirting, and treated me like a queen once I told him it was over. (The funny thing is, I really did fall for him in the first place because of his reckless displays of dominance. And OK I admit, he’s kind of cute.)

The funny thing is, I didn’t actually mean to reply to #10 on this day. I had gotten a new phone and lost all my numbers. So I thought it might be #42 texting. I had just messaged #42 on facebook, because I wanted to test the waters to ask him on a date.

But the text wasn’t from #42…. it was from #10. Dang! The first thing I did was rub this in the face of #10. The following is practically verbatim:

“Oh DAMMIT #10, it’s you?? Too bad, I thought you were my other friend.”

“What? Why?”

“Because I want to ask him on a date.”

“Oh haha is he cute?”

“Yeah he’s sexy AF, he’s Taiwanese, he does Ju Jitsu, he was in the army for a long time and now he’s an actor and personal trainer.”

“Umm… what are you waiting for? Unlike me, he’s in your league!”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t want to date a skinny nerdy loser like you. OK sure, I’ll ask him on a date now, on FB.”

“Haha you’ve gotten picky! And possibly spoiled?”

I continue to tease him with some details of my sex life, and emphasize that he is way too pathetic to ever fuck me again.

Hmm… for some reason I am enjoying this. It’s because I know how much he craves the degradation, so I feel benelovent in dishing it out.

He used to always ask me if his dick was big enough for me. “It’s too small for you, right? How many inches is enough? What’s the biggest you’ve ever had?” On and on. It would annoy the crap out of me, because I really didn’t care about his dick, and I don’t care much about size either. But nothing I said could get him to stop pestering me about his goddamn dick.

But now, 6 long years later, I knew what to say.

“Your dick is worthless.”

I remembered back to the times we spent together, he would get so angry and throw things like a little boy, with no regard for consequences. I remember thinking at the time, “I bet his parents didn’t discipline him.”

And now, I understand his deep need for rules and restrictions. Discipline of the body and mind.

When he sent me too many annyoing texts, I told him that I didn’t like it, and he must not speak to me for two days.

He obeyed.

It felt good to have that much power over such a wily ornery brat. It also felt good to give him the restrictions, punishment, and reward that he deserved.

I hope that he reads this, and feels embarrassed. I also hope that he reads to the end, where I say that I actually do care about him after all. That I think he’s a good person, someone who’s good to the core, who just needs some tough love.

It’s not a relationship I’m interested in pursuing in person, but I’m ok with him being my little texting pet from time to time.


In part 2 of this story I describe my surprising date with #42.

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