So apparently I’m a Domme now, too. Pt 2.

Reading Part 1 isn’t essential to this story, but it does make it funnier.

I needed a Dom SO BAD. I had my first ever, and very exciting submissive experiences in the spring and early summer. But then the summer went by and I didn’t get laid ONCE, despite an overabundance of erotic teasing from a variety of sources.

Then I had that experience with the online Mystery Homework Dom, and then spent the following day texting with Mr. Pathetic Loser Dick.

My fucken energy was gone.

I had been remembering a particular person I’d met about a year ago. He insinuated that he was interested in dating me.. I was enticed, but too busy at the time. He also somehow mentioned he was into the kink scene. Back then, the word “kink” made me feel slightly intrigued, but mostly shocked and scared.

Now, I started wondering about him… what kind of wild domly stuff is he into? Let’s meet up and find out.

He cooked Thai red curry and drove it to my house.

As I served rice from my rice cooker and put ice cubes in the glasses, he put his hand on the bare part of my back that was revealed by my crop top. I dropped the ice cubes, I dropped the conversation, and struggled with all my might to hide how vulnerable his touch had made me become.

Apparently a year of not talking had created a fine amount of sexual tension.

We had previously met in a setting that was was quite non-sexual, professional even. But now everything had changed.

Dinner in the back yard was delicious, and afterward I hastened to show him to my room.

He started off with the action, but I soon got the feeling that he was doing things to me, while secretly wishing I would do those things to him.

After sucking on my ear for like two minutes, I thought “That’s it, clearly YOU have the ears that wanna get sucked.”

I flipped on on his back. Immediately his elbows bent, palms up and waving in front of me like a scared little animal. “Oh nooo, what are you going to do to me?” His facial expression combined play-fear with absolute glee.

Omg, SO SUBBY. SUB ALERT. SUB SUB SUB SUB. You little cutie.

I went to town on his ears and he went fuckin nuts.

Next, his nipples were dealt the same fate.

One of the truly exquisite joys in life is a man who loves getting his nipples sucked. I was starting to be OK with the unexpected power dynamic.

Lots of men out there don’t really react that much when you touch their skin. But this one wiggles all over the place. This one is fun to play with.

He also rubbed me completely down with coconut oil and hugged me close and called me a “big coconut cake” which I liked very much.

#42 is not a total sub — he also switches at times.

Later in the evening, I’m standing in my bedroom while he’s lying on his side, on my mattress on the floor. I said, “You know, you didn’t really dominate me much at all.”

In the most cutely pathetic and sincere voice I’ve ever heard, he utters “I tried.”

Omg, so sad. But it’s actually true. He tried a few dominant things on me, but they didn’t really have a strong effect. I know the reason why: Once I discovered how much power I had over him, he was going to have to put in a LOT more effort to make me submit to him. Once I have power, I don’t just let go of it! In this moment, I realized that I am not an easy person to dominate.


Despite my slight disappointment that I hadn’t found the Dom I was looking for, I called up #42 two more times in the next couple of weeks.

The next two times, I went to his house.

I noticed that when we first met, I thought he seemed to be about 38 years old, a responsible man. But now when I look at his face from an inch away, he looks like 27 or younger. Innocent and playful.

He got a little better at Domming me, so we switch around a bit, but primarily he takes the lowercase role.

I wasn’t overly keen on being dominant, but I did it willingly because I saw how much he liked it.

But now by the 3rd date, which was two days ago… my enthusiasm has grown.

I have turned into a Domme.

He saw it in me, and he brought it out.

At first, it was a little exhausting to be Domme. But now I have learned to tap deep down into the well of power, rather than sipping from the surface.

The well of power is my deep ability to provide nurturing feminine love.

I don’t plan to have any children, so I imagine that femdom is one of the most direct forms of nurturing I will ever do.

I feel this power welling up in me now.

Aaand I spent a little too much time today looking up femdom memes and blogs.

If you’re wondering what #42 looks like, I found this picture online today, and feel in lust immediately because this model’s body (and attitude) looks like like his.