Understanding and unlocking my own sexuality and psychology is one of my main focuses in life right now.

I hook up with a lot of different people, which is fun, but it’s a shame that no one else but me really knows my whole story.

So my goal here is to thread together these different experiences into a more complete story about one human.

My most important relationship is with myself.

My thoughts and feelings about sex seem to change drastically over time as I evolve, so it will be nice to have a way to look back over where I come from.

I’ll probably also end up sharing insights on all various types of topics.

I used to keep a paper diary, but that’s not as fun for me anymore. I think it’s because I’m more social now and I like to share.

I don’t even write poetry for myself anymore, it always just comes out as songwriting, something I can share with others. Wild notions distilled to their essence and traced along a melody.

No more raw embarrassing youthful ramblings… I seem to have become more coherent, trained to phrase things within the context of this grown-up world.

When I write about different lovers, I’ll give them a number so I don’t have to reveal their name. Yep, I actually have a big spreadsheet on my hard drive which assigns a unique number to everyone I’ve ever kissed. It’s more or less sequential.

Anyway stay tuned for some juicy stuff.

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