Amrit Mann will be seen in the movie “Hakam”, poster released (peacock talks)

Punjabi singer Amrit Mann will now show his aggression on the big screen in addition to songs. Amrit Mann is all set to release a new poster for the movie ‘Hakam’.

Looking at the poster, one can only guess that there will be a fight in the film. Amrit Mann’s character is also going to be quite militant whose noise is everywhere.

The film is being co-produced by Amrit Mann’s production company Bomb Beats and Desi Crew. The story and direction will be by Amar Hundal.

Now it is hoped that the film will be less violent and more entertaining for the audience. Amrit Mann has done films like ‘Do Dooni Panj’, ‘Aate Di Chiri’ and ‘Channa Mereya’ before but he has not been recognized as an actor yet.

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