Historians and Religious Scholars Weigh in on What a Trump Presidency Means

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I Used an ATM Receipt as My Dating App Picture

This story was also published on Elite Daily

We all know dating is awful. Old song and dance, I know. The actual process of dating, is awful. If anybody tells you otherwise; that the texting, the dating apps, the anxiety of the first meeting wondering, “FUCK is she/he going to look ANYTHING like her pictures? I’ve really only seen her from the neck up…,” is fun, is lying. They. Are. Lying.

The enjoyment of dating only happens when you’ve widdled the four potential mates down to one. Placing them on some Kinsey scale of normalcy. When you’ve both realized you…

This poem appeared in the January 2016 issue of Inklings.

I bet we know who this poem’s about, too. But since you told me not to write about you, for the sake of arguing, let’s say this is about an ex— twice removed.

Although your name’s redacted I can’t stop detracting from the notion that as much I wish it were true, that this poem, this pen to paper, these 833 words that I see, that I write with fingers pressed to keys… are in no way, shape, or form, just about you.

You told me I couldn’t write about…

It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry

For those who have been following me Twitter, you’re aware of my hatred for Tinder. Hate that has left me with a perpetual enmity for love apps.

Thankfully though, the two of us are on the outs. After all, I’m not someone looking for mediocre sex with a partner of questionable health. My goal, if I play my cards right, is to meet somebody who will one day join me hand in hand as I walk in a semi-comatose state through the aisles of HomeGoods. …

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A version of this story was originally published in Kernel Magazine, although this version has been updated.

Important note: August 2, 2020

This story was published first in Kernel Magazine and then here in early 2015. As with any ongoing investigation, specifics and details about this case and anybody involved in this case may have changed; facts become public, witnesses come forward, somebody changes their story, et al.

A good example of this was the early suspicions surrounding Maura’s father, Fred, and specifically, his activities leading up to the day she went missing. …

One woman’s story

This story was originally published on Gawker.com


t’s likely to be the most difficult decision that a woman has to make, regardless of age, though the younger she is I imagine the decision has to be even harder.

The story below is about young woman’s abortion procedure. Something she had kept hidden from most of the people in her life — until recently, when she tweeted it.

In hindsight, this was a poor idea.

This story was originally published on The Huffington Post

ots of things come without solid explanations — furniture from IKEA, French toddler toy sets, EDM music.

Add to that my reasoning for thinking it would be a good idea— no a great idea— to sit down with my 85-year-old grandmother and her friends while we all watched Fifty Shades of Grey. And not just the theatrical release, but the uncut version (poor use of the word, uncut right there).

This is only interesting, of course, because the movie is basically soft-core porn. The script sucks. The movie…

Story by Christopher Peak

When Walmart decides to move into a neighborhood, approval is often contentious and met with opposition from local businesses and residents. Concerned citizens may fear an increase in traffic, stray gray and blue plastic bags wrapped around light poles, or just the idea of a big box invasion into a hipster neighborhood. Small business owners are typically hesitant, as a Walmart down the street could draw customers away. …

Thirty Minutes With Reza Aslan

This story was originally published on Gawker.com

Story by Christopher Peak


It’s safe to say that over the past month, the topic of Islam has been widely discussed by a lot of people. Talked about to death, actually, by those who know a lot about religion, and more who do not.


The most recent example of this was last month, when the topic was reignited during ​Ben Affleck’s appearance​ on Bill Maher’s HBO show, Real Time With Bill Maher. Affleck was joined by panel guest Sam Harris, who, along with Maher, is an atheist.

During the discussion, Harris…

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