The lending platform for all the ohm and tomb forks out there.

How does “eqCENTRAL” work ?

  1. Deposit your collaterals on eqCENTRAL.
  2. You get assigned a debt allocation (you, the borrower).
  3. You get $EQC tokens in your wallet.
  4. You take your $EQC wherever you like.

How to get back your collateral ?

The $EQC token

  • 73% (170,228,700 EQC): Global Farming Incentives
  • 20% (46,638,000 EQC): Team allocation (4 Year Vesting Schedule)
  • 7% (16,323,300 EQC): Initial DEX Offering to PEAK-FTM-LP holders
  • They grant holders a claim on fees generated by the protocol.
  • 75% are used to purchase $EQC tokens that go to sEQC token holders.
  • 20% is allocated to the governance treasury that will be used to incentive $EQC liquidity pools.
  • 5% is redirected to a multisig treasury that will be used when market conditions require intervention.

Risks of Using eqCENTRAL


  • Interest-bearing tokens are the collateral
  • Each collateral has independent debt
  • $EQC is USD
  • $PEAK-FTM-LP is staked for $sEQC
  • $sEQC is for fee-sharing
  • eqCENTRAL is the Central lending protocol




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