Meet Coach: Your Personal Trainer for Your Brain

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy at Peak headquarters working on “Coach,” our personal trainer for your brain. Coach works much like a personal trainer at the gym. Coach examines how you’re performing, and recommends workouts it believes will challenge you most. Coach is also there to encourage you and to push you to train harder.

Why have we created Coach?

Our work started by asking some simple questions: “How do people use Peak? How can we make them improve? How can they feel stimulated, and find new challenges that can keep them motivated?”

We tried to answer these questions by analysing how our users behaved in the app and by studying their feedback.

We found that people like to compare themselves to others to see how much they improved, but that sometimes they didn’t know how to get better at certain games. We also noticed some people spend a very long time in Peak, while others didn’t get to finish their workout for one reason or another.

We wanted to address all of these points and give our users the most personalised training we could that would be tailored to their likes and dislikes and to their strengths and weaknesses. This is why we’re now offering more diverse workouts — to help everyone get as much exercise as they want (or can) for the day, at different levels of difficulty.

Coach, as you’ll see, is now heavily focused around daily workouts. These are training sessions with a specific goal in mind. You can either practice a certain skill — memory or focus, for example. Or, you can take a break in the day with a quick workout to refresh your mind. Playing daily helps build the habit of training regularly and with varied exercises you’ll get the full benefit of all the games.

We also recognized that people wanted to be challenged and they wanted to know how they were progressing. That’s why we introduced an easy way to understand metrics that help users compare themselves with others at the same rank. You can also compare your performance over time. To help you improve, we’ve also added game tips to help you progress.

We tested many iterations of the Coach with users in our office in London. We saw in those testing sessions that users really liked this new direction for Peak, so decided to move ahead with it and launched Coach. We welcome your feedback on Coach. It’s our first step in what we see as a complete package to help you reach your “peak” mental performance. Download the app today.

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