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We’re leveling up!

The Next Level in Our Game

Hello Peaksters:

Today marks a new level in Peak’s game to be the best self-improvement app on the planet.

We’re excited to share the news that Hachette Livre, one of the world’s largest publishers, has taken a majority stake in Peak and becomes our strategic partner to help us fuel the development and growth of the app we all love. Why Hachette Livre? The company is committed to expanding beyond books, and given its heritage in education and literature, it’s eager to support and develop intelligent digital entertainment. For us, this partnership allows us to stay true to our vision for Peak: a smart self-improvement app that continually challenges and motivates our users. Operationally, Peak will remain independent, run by the original team of founders, and we’ll continue to work out of London.

The partnership caps off a fantastic 2016 for us. This year, we’ve released 10 new games, and introduced Coach, the personal trainer for your brain. We’ve also been busy bringing Peak out across the world. Peak is now available in seven new countries this year — Japan, China, Korea, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, if you’re keeping track. We built and launched a new game, Turtle Traffic as part of Apple’s Apps for Earth Day. We’ve launched Wizard on Android, our advanced memory training game built with Cambridge University’s Professor Barbara Sahakian.

So, what do you next after such a busy year? You do even more. Next year, we’ll be unveiling even more games and modules. We know that keeping your mind fit encompasses a number of activities. Aside from challenging your cognitive skills, you need to get enough sleep, eat right, socialise, manage stress and maintain a clear mind. Here’s a hint for next year’s Peak: we’ll be releasing new activities and games in several of these areas.

We’d also like to take this time to thank you, our users, who’ve joined us in this quest for self-improvement and have helped us take Peak to where it is today. This year, you’ve played over 1 billion games and have leveled up 124,780,139 times. We’ve been heartened by the reviews you’ve left for us both in the App Store where you’ve boosted us to a 4.5 star rating and in Google Play, where we were named the Best Improvement App in 2016, and you’ve collectively rated us 4.5 stars. We appreciate all the emails, Facebook messages, and tweets you’ve sent in whether to praise us, encourage us, alert us to a bug, or to tell us what we didn’t get right. They inspire us and motivate us and we hope you’ll keep it up.

Finally, as we say goodbye to 2016, we’d like to wish you joy and peace this holiday season and here’s to a better, brighter, brainier 2017!

The Peak Team

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