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The Clinton quote does not include a conjunction, but when I hear it the implication is that half of the supporters are racist and sexist and homophobic and xenophobic and Islamophobic. The story however assumes that she means “or” instead of “and,” leading to the contention that “more than half of Trump’s supporters hold at least some of the views she listed.” Following your link to the data, we see that 65% of people with favorable views of Trump believe that Obama is a Muslim (versus 32% of those neutral in feeling for Trump) and 59% believe that Obama was not born in the US (vs 37% neutrals). No other questions had responses “more than half.” OK Trump-favorable people hate Obama and will believe almost anything about him (along with a significant number of neutrals). This may have a racist component, but other large components are personal and party-aligned. It’s a stretch to say that those 2 numbers stating that “more than half” of Trump supporters are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic.”