When I was a baby,I fell ill and everybody thought that I wouldn’t make it because of the medicine which was given to me by the doctor that was expired.God being so good,I survived,made it through Junior High School and I entered Secondary School.i developed a back problem due to the scrubbing but it wasn’t that serious so I could manage.In form2 going to Form3,the unfortunate happened.”Repetition”..I was been encouraged by my family,friends and school authorities. I made few friends who I can proudly say are the reason why I can walk with my head up and my shoulders high.They made me know that that wasn’t the end of life.My boyfriend encouraged me and advised me a lot.This time I made it through Form2 and entered Form3 without any problem.Now I can proudly and confidently say that I have completed the Senior High School successfully through the prayers of my family,friends and loved ones.

To be continued…

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