Top paint supplier in Pune Pearl Coating planning to set up more facilities!

Paints and coatings industry has been much swift in the last few decades and continues to move upswing while catering to the specific demands of the enterprises and the consumers in open market. We can count many specialty products which are the results of dedicated research and innovation pursuits that were undertaken by the top players around the world. The process is yet not complete and the paint manufacturers are continuously trying to move up the bars of quality, durability and other desirable attributes as sought by the clients. Pearl Coating is a paint supplier in Pune and manufactures the best quality products as per the specialized requirements of the clients in social economy. To know more about the company and its products portfolio, visit its official website at:

Pearl Coating is the top paint and lacquer supplier in Pune and rest of India. The factor that distinguishes it from other paint manufacturers is its ability to serve in a customized manner. For this reason, it is the preferred vendor for the enterprises in diverse orientations in Pune industrial region. Over, the years, Pearl Coating has also been engaged in effective R & D tasks through its ‘in house’ team of experts. The firm therefore boasts of wide variety of paints and coatings that otherwise are categorized as the specialty products. From Pearl Coating, you find the best quality epoxy paints, polyurethane coatings, heat resistant paints, road paints, weather proof coatings and many more ranges to suit the specific finishing demands of businesses. Pearl Coating aims to develop more refined paints, primers and coats and is assimilating frontline technologies also for this purpose. In the last few years, it has commissioned a whole new product line at its Pune manufacturing unit to make paints to cater to the bulk demands.

An official spokesman of Pearl Coating replied to the presspersons along the sidelines of a paints and dyes expo cum summit that was organized last year in Pune. The summit titled as ‘New Technology for Improved Paints and Industrial Coatings’ was hosted by a regional industry chamber of Maharashtra and saw participation by tech companies oriented towards industrial coatings, experts from the paints industry, market analysts and some select academicians from the engineering colleges in Pune. The spokesman stated, “Pearl Coating is the number one lacquer and paint supplier in Pune and we adore this tag because of our dedicated competence in this segment. We have invested our expertise and knowledge of decades to churn out the finest innovations that today define the benchmarks of paints industry here in India. We have not stopped here and continue to move forward briskly!”

The spokesman also stated, “Pearl Coating is planning to set up two more units out of Pune. We are making the assessments and these facilities may come up in NCR or Gujarat. A formal announcement in this regard will be made soon by our board through a press conference.”

Pearl Coating is the leading specialty paints and lacquer supplier in Pune and serves satisfactorily to the industrial clients through highly improvised products. To know more about the company and its product ranges, visit the portal at:

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