My # 1 Tip: Promise a lot, deliver more.

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“Promise a lot, deliver more” — Pearl Matibe

Ever know for sure that you are being persuasive?

If you have harnessed your confidence, then know your current level of influence and begin to reach for new heights of success.

Understanding your capacity to cause a person or group to act, is knowing your influence.

It’s time you grasp the influence you have on others and begin to reach for new heights of success.

Your Voice — Understand it

I arrived at a meeting a few minutes early and began talking with some colleagues. Another group chatted away, not too far from me. A short while later, one person from that other group leans over and asks me, “Where are you from?” Pauses, then adds, “Originally?” To myself, I thought, well, I can poke some fun at her and tell her where I was coming from at the beginning of the day. I decided to test the waters and said, “I live in Maryland.” She replied, with a “tell-me-more” hopefulness in her tone, “But, you have an accent.” Then I told her where I was born. In truth, I already knew that my voice, its pitch, its accent and its inflection, have all sorts of subtle effects on how I am perceived by other people. You, too, may know if your voice is distinctive. Recognize the impact your voice has on others and be comfortable with the knowledge of your influence. …


Pearl Matibe

Persuasive Communications Expert for teams to unlock their potential, know their value and be their best.

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