7-Facebook Golden Rules to Unlock Your Social Influence — It’s no “rumor mill.”

Immediacy is key to pulling some real weight and raise your clout-level.

“Change your Facebook culture and ‘get-it-to-me-at-this-moment’ is for every premium conversation.” — Pearl Matibe

Let’s not kid ourselves, we all long for our voice to be heard, our words to be quoted and walk away from a conversation exceedingly well-liked on Facebook. Basically, we want to leave a prominent mark; be the expert. A spell? No.

I’ll call it “social influence” on Facebook.

So yes, it’s widely studied. How do we grow our clout when the creation and circulation of Facebook posts is fast and furiously broadcasted? How can we persuade a Facebook user to take that first step; to filter through, focus on yours, opt-in or choose to act when there’s so much information out there anyway often free? Any why you — someone who is “virtually” there.

The “attention economy” may be here to stay.

A customer or friend’s attention span to your online post is short so when you do have an online discussion, post a blurb or feature content, act knowing the content piece is a premium conversation piece. Consistently taking into consideration the already large pool of information coming through their news feed will be more important now than ever before in your overall “Facebook Culture.” To create buzz take great care in how you manage your interactions remaining heedful about how you shape relationships. Don’t solicit so much; they’re already being bombarded with all kinds of marketing. Think about it; we’re all ordinary people. Let’s face it, the folks on Facebook need “get-it-to-me-at-this-moment” spiel. Better still, make it epic. Yes, we do love a great scoop. Stock pile on this social influence top asset and see yourself pave a sound, solid path to raising your social capital.

Think of your social activity on Facebook as the martini lunch of the modern sales call. The only difference? Facebook is the unsinkable virtual venue where business gets done. Be where your customers are getting there news. That long ago regular newspaper reader now spends most of their time on Facebook, gets updates on their Facebook news feed and watches videos on Facebook. Be more present where your customers are spending their time. The benefits from this approach will have your influence gaining as you are socially connecting. People with clout do exceedingly better.

Do this — On The Money

  1. “Liked” Your Post

Says “I approve.” The all-important first-step. They’ve self-identified and will deepen the relationship by remaining loyal. Aaw, isn’t that lovely? Sounds a bit like a guy letting a girl know he likes her. At least now you know there’s a bond and a promise of more to come. A wonderful stamp of approval. That thing we refer to as online engagement — a “like” is a silent contract.

2. “Shared” Your Post

“Hear-hear” your creation has been shared. How sociable! A sign of their support. Since your content should match your brand identity, this is an endorsement of your brand. It will absolutely build your identity. Simply make it easy and quick for them to share and socialize in their individual Facebook turfs; groups, pages they manage and their timeline. They may even refer you — connectors are in demand.

3. “Commented” on Your Post

Finally, some contact! It’s a chance to strengthen the connection, increase your network and extend your online reach. Even forming new communities and discussions around your topic making “commenting” very attractive.

Without a doubt, you can influence peoples’ thoughts, how they judge and decisions they make on Facebook and successfully gain, widen and hike your social influence. It’s no “rumor mill,” your clout will escalate and guide opinions they form depending on where they are located geographically, the time lapse between your posts, and most importantly this notion, real or perceived, immediate impression that others on Facebook “like” us.

Do this — perfect for Facebook

4. Give — Clearly, the biggest trend is giving and you shall receive. Be the one that keeps on giving value to your customers, friends and group communities. Add a link. Make it short. Make it fun and funny. This is a sure way to making it effortless for others to share your posts.

5. To Unfriend or Not to Unfriend — Don’t disappear on your followers and friends. They become dependent on the steady posts you’ve been sharing. It’s expected that you will continue to show up true to form. Your sharing cultivates even more engagement and participation. Granted, if you unfriend, you’ll have less in your news feed, but when it comes to social proof, your Facebook tribe matters; the weight it carries for your credibility is worth it.

6. Look Nice — Make A Little Effort — You wouldn’t run out to the store in your pajamas, uncombed hair and scruffy shoes. Go the extra mile and your fans on Facebook will appreciate you. You’ll be more believable if you take the time to create attractively designed posts, messages contained in videos with higher production quality, and fan and group pages displaying a better sense of social media savvy in their overall design and layout. Who doesn’t love a compliment? Also give them. That’s it! Call it a “social compliment” if you like, but give you must. Don’t simply and quickly click “like” and move on. Post a comment, share the post and add a comment when you share it; do so generously, genuinely & watch your influence grow.

7. New Vocab — Be In The Know

Is this reminder still necessary? Don’t be too tied to your own words and phrases you hate to part with them. Ultimately, what’s more relevant and will yield more success is using keywords, phrases and search terms in your posts that your audience on Facebook is already using. Take the time to find out the new vocabulary they are using and Facebook makes this search for behaviors much easier.

Use keywords, phrases and search terms your audience is already using.

To boost your social influence on Facebook do all-of-the-above and you’ll enjoy consistent and ever growing buzz around your brand, product or service and keep them returning.

Do share your thoughts, criticize and ask questions. Please leave an insightful comment and better still, recommend.