Rules of Engagement

“Visual appeal succeeds every time.” — Pearl Matibe

Let me get right to it!

Rules Of Engagement

We are always communicating.

Invest your time into figuring out how to merge your image so that it leaves no doubt that it is aligned to your company or brand image. Your brand is your medium of expression that speaks to who you are. Take a minute to evaluate how you dress and the meaning of your signature color in your brand image. A key hallmark of a strong brand is that it delivers the same quality experience time after time, thus reinforcing its “brand promise.” It may only be one element in your personal brand communications plan, the colors associated with you — online and in person — make an immediate and lasting impression, and can influence people to hire you or do business with you.

Wait a minute. Let me share these ‘we-all-know’ observations for you to keep in mind:

Negative Accessory Statements:

  • Over stuffed hand bag — says I’m overloaded.
  • Scuffed briefcase or handbag — says I’m tired and worn out. Yes, men; that includes your wallets.
  • Scuffed shoes & belts — says I can’t afford anything else.
  • Men — match socks to your trousers & with jeans match your shoes.
  • Jewelry — no ‘all rings’ worn at once plus dangling ear-rings plus bracelet all at the same time. That’s a bit much!

Not all brands are created equal — visual appeal succeeds every time. Your personal brand does need to be visually dominant. Is the head shot you have on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in line with your brand? If you want others to subconsciously endear to you the color scheme in your head shots needs to be consistent across all your social platforms. Your presence should be striking.

Here’s what I know — Sometimes you are no longer promotable based on your skills alone. Therefore, when you hit the ‘ceiling’ and reach your career plateau it’s time to rethink your brand and how much you are worth.

5-Things to seek in your branding network:

  1. Positive people & Trustworthy people.

2. People with larger networks than your own.

3. People that show an interest in you and understand what you need.

4. Help other people in a sincere way.

5. Pull weeds out so that your success is not sabotaged.

As I said in the beginning, we’re always communicating. You may not be doing it purposefully but every signal we send is being read.

Here’s my last tip — Resourcefulness. Be the ‘I meet people’s needs’ person.

It’s my sincere hope that you will find your voice and style reading my blog. It’s all basic stuff! Sometimes, you say: “I know, but can I do it?” Yes, you can.

If you’re looking for a fresh, interesting take on branding and being ‘Your Best’ self, then stay tuned. I write about all things related to ‘powerful presence’ to maximize yourself. Believe me when I say: there’s more cutting edge articles to come sharing actionable, tips-based pieces, expert-backed trends, and personal stories that are positioned as advice to help you succeed. I help individuals and corporations unlock their potential — find the ‘optimal YOU!’

You are a CEO of — Brand YOU.

This article doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Until, my next post…

Live your Ideals!