10 Interesting Facts about Pearl Gemstone You would Love to Know About !!

Pearl gemstone is considered to be the birthstone of Month June. Along with this, Pearl stone is also referred being the birthstone for Sun sign Gemini and Cancer.

It is stated favorable for people to wear or gift freshwater pearl stone as first anniversary gift to their better half or spouse.

The beautiful stone can also be given on 15th and 30th wedding anniversary as wedding gift.

Pearl stones are found under the deep sea and its hardness lies between 2.5 to 4.0 on moh scale.

People have coveted pearl gemstone as a symbol of financial abundance and prosperity for thousand years. It is also conceived being the stone of calmness and tenderness.

Royal families of ancient times used to wear pearl gemstone ornaments such as rings, necklace and other ornaments to compliment their overall appearance.

It is believed that wearing a natural pearl stone necklace or ring can foster the relation of mother & son. Similarly, wearing this stone can nurtures the relation between a father and son. 
 Besides treasured under the sea, these stones can also be reserved inside the lakes, oceans, ponds and forests.

Pearl stone should not be worn by the new or going to be bride. Since pearl represents tears and gloominess. Hence wearing this stone as engagement ring or wedding ring can prove drastic for its wearer. However, some people believe on this saying and other just ignores it. Even in some part of the world, women adore wearing pearl stone jewellery on their wedding, engagement and other occasions.

It is said that keeping pearl stone under their pillow while sleeping help a person to get conscious about the upcoming health problems. If a person sees himself/herself meeting an accident in the dream, then he/she avoids wearing pearl stone.

Pearl stone proves excellent stone in health related problems. A person who is depression or suffering from mental anxiety should wear this auspicious and effective stone.