Average Colorado marijuana prices for Spring 2017

Colorado marijuana prices vary by city, strain, season and other variables. But overall you can expect to pay an average of around $13 per gram or $228 an ounce.

That’s the average amount. Remember, savvy shoppers can almost always find better deals.

We’ve crossed our data on cannabis prices with a report on the most popular strains from Tradiv, an online cannabis distribution platform, and BDS Analytics.

You can use our cannabis price comparison tool to find the best marijuana prices in your area of the nation.

Here are the average Colorado marijuana prices for Spring 2017:

Average Colorado Marijuana Prices Spring 2017

Average marijuana prices in Denver

You can pick up a gram of cannabis for an average of about $11 in Denver. It’ll cost you about $159 for an ounce. But you can find dispensaries offering a gram for at least $2 less, or an ounce for around $100 less, just by shopping around. If you’re buying an ounce per month, you can save somewhere around $1,000 or more per year.

For some of the best deals in the area, check out Buddy Boy Brands. They consistently offer low prices.

Average marijuana prices in Boulder

You’ll find that Boulder is a little pricier than other cities in Colorado. For those of you familiar with the state, that probably won’t come as a surprise. You’ll pay an average of about $13 for a gram and $220 for an ounce. Check out Boulder Wellness Center for some of the best deals.

Average marijuana prices in Colorado Springs

You’ll pay an average of $8 per gram in Colorado Springs or an average of about $137 for an ounce. Fortunately, you can find better deals by shopping around. For example, A Wellness Centers Medical is offering an ounce for $125.

Average marijuana prices in Fort Collins

You can expect to pay around $14 per gram in Fort Collins. If you’re buying an ounce, plan on paying more around $264. For some of the best deals in the area, make sure to check out Infinite Wellness Center.

The top strains in Colorado and their prices

Blue Dream is undeniably one of the top strains in Colorado, but it’s also a popular strain nationwide. You can pick up this strain for as low as $7 or $8 in Denver, and for a few bucks more in Boulder.

OG Kush, another popular strain, goes for an average of around $12 in Denver, but you can find it for as low as $10.

And Sour Diesel, a strain that’s often in demand, goes for an average of about $10 in Denver. Yet there are dispensaries offering it for as little as $8.

Use our search tool to find the best deals on your favorite strain in your area:

Consuming the best strains

We think the vaporizers are one of the best ways to go when consuming your favorite strains, like OG Kush. Not only are many vaporizers now portable, but they are generally thought to be safer than various methods of smoking.

Check out our list of the best vaporizers.

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Originally published at marijuanarates.com on May 1, 2017.

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