Choose a name which reflects your business offering

The next step in your path toward self-employment, choose a name which reflects your business offering.

Begin branding from day 1.

  • Search available domain names,
  • Research social media handles,
  • Check Trademark office, and
  • Any other places you plan to use your company name.

When launching PearlyWrites, the name fit what my company offered which was content creation. As I expanded as an SEO professional, PearlyWrites doesn’t reflect all my service offerings. Although I continue as PearlyWrites, I have created other businesses where the names are set for future offerings.

With my business partner Mitch Strohm, we launched Natural Media, LLC. Under this company, we run a business called The idea came while brainstorming with my husband. We have many years of personal finance digital marketing experience between us as consultants, working with, and a few finance start-ups but we didn’t want to be competing with companies we helped rank.

We looked at different industries which lacked personal finance related businesses and personal finance for cannabis began.

Since we launched, the business has expanded from the original idea of a blog. We added a free cannabis pricing consumer search comparison tool with more product on the way! Some of these products will have their own product name and the names will reflect it’s offering. You won’t always get lucky with business names being available as domains but there are always creative spelling options!

What are your favorite business names?

Full article appeared in The Altucher Report.

Lisa Weinberger is the owner of and Involved in digital media and marketing strategy for the finance industry for close to 20 years, she has shared her knowledge on, One Main Financial, Fox Business, Yahoo! Finance, LendIt, Money Mio, Business Insider, Comcast, Credit Karma, Fidelity as well as being a source and interviewed about SEO, Content and Social Media in Conductor and Tech Republic. Lisa has contributed to the Conductor blog about breaking down corporate silos, SEO and content marketing. She has spoken at industry conferences about the importance of data-driven integrated marketing using SEO, Content Strategy and Social Media at SMX, NCDM DMA, AVN, InterNext and PubCon. Connect with Lisa on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.