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Pear’s founding story

The funny thing is that none of us quite set out to be VC’s. Pejman was a rug salesman in Palo Alto whose customers were changing the world with technology. Mar was a two-time entrepreneur who’d built highly technical companies after finishing her Stanford PhD in electrical engineering. It’s no surprise that when they joined forces to create what would later become Pear, they started by relentlessly focusing on building a home for founders.

Pear in 2021

Pear partners with founders from 0 to 1. We’re experts in helping companies go from the idea (0) to Seed (0.5) to eventually raising a Series A (1). We provide hands-on support in product, growth, recruiting, and fundraising. Our Partners have founded & sold six companies and have invested early in startups now worth over $40 Billion. We have been fortunate to partner with the founders of DoorDash, Gusto, Branch, Guardant Health, and many more. While our LPs may judge us on our funds' performance, we judge ourselves on the experience we provide our founders.

The Role

You will work with the Pear team to craft the best strategy for our Talent initiative. Based on our experience working with founders and the early-stage focus of our firm, some responsibilities of the Head of Talent will include:

  • Forming relationships with founders and key stakeholders at Pear portfolio companies.
  • Advising and coaching companies throughout their recruiting cycle.
  • Sourcing candidates for our early-stage companies.
  • Speaking to early-stage companies about Pear’s Talent offerings.
  • Contribute to the platform of recommended talent-related vendors, resources, and content to offer Pear founders.

What we’re looking for

Although Pear is a VC fund, we think of ourselves as a startup. At other VC funds, it is rare to find a Head of Talent that sources candidates. While later-stage funds are focused on helping their companies make executive hires, we are constantly being asked to help with “first” hires (engineers, designers, sales, etc). We’re looking for someone scrappy who likes getting their hands dirty while also having the knowledge to be a thought partner to our portfolio companies.

Apply Here! — we take confidentiality very seriously. As a venture fund, our reputation is our currency.

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0 to 1 venture capital. We partner with entrepreneurs from day zero to build category defining companies. Founded by @pejmannozad and @MarHershenson. |

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