Let’s Pear Up

Today, we are changing our name from Pejman Mar Ventures to Pear.

Many of our friends, founders, and investors are asking us why. They like the name Pejman Mar because (we think) they like us as people. Some of them are pleading with us to keep it. The thing is, we like it too; people recognize our name, we have grown familiar to it. Pejman Mar embodies the past three years of our firm’s history.

Nevertheless, we feel strongly that we need a new name, one that conveys our plans, goals and ambition to grow into the leading seed fund. So, keeping our own names on the door is no longer an option, because that goal is about building something that is bigger than our ourselves, something that outlasts us.

After considering many options, we fell in love with the name Pear because it evokes so many important aspects of successful entrepreneurship. To begin with, pear trees stand out as being strong, long-lived, and hearty. And of course they produce delicious fruit, known as much for their flavor as their distinctive texture, which comes from “stone” cells, commonly called “grit” — and grit is one of the most important qualities we look for in founders.

The parallels don’t end there — just as pears need water, soil, and the right weather to thrive, founders need support and the right conditions to succeed. At Pear, our approach centers on offering that ideal environment and community, where we not only share knowledge, resources, and networks, but we also work together to navigate obstacles. And just as growing trees sprout new limbs and branches, the name Pear is a nod to our growing our team to continue to offer high quality service to our founders and investors. We have added two new partners: Neda Blocho, a former executive at Stanford University’s StartX who has guided over 150 start-ups and Ajay Kamat, founder and former CEO of Wedding Party, a portfolio company of Pear.

Finally, the name Pear brings to mind “Pair” and thus embodies our fundamental value: our steadfast commitment to working hand-in-hand with founders every step of the way as they build defining companies. Since our fund started almost three years ago (with the “pair” of Pejman and Mar), we have followed that approach we have been fortunate to back category-defining companies like Guardant Health (the earliest and dominant player in liquid biopsy market), Branchmetrics (leader in mobile app deep linking), Memebox (world leader in fast-beauty distribution of Korean beauty products), DoorDash (advanced tech-enabled logistics firm), Betterworks (pioneering provider of enterprise goal setting software), One Concern (AI for optimal emergency response) and Solvvy (advanced AI technology company). Our companies have raised over $700M and they are worth over $3B, numbers that surpass any of the expectations we had early on.

And so, we are now Pear. Our name has changed, our team has grown, but our principles remain the same: take risks on very early stage companies, relentlessly seek out truly exceptional founders, and partner with them to build iconic companies.

Let’s Pear Up!

-Pejman & Mar