Read more Books with Instaread!

We’re extremely excited to announce our latest investment in Instaread — a new service which is redefining an entire segment of the publishing industry. Instaread takes best selling non fiction books and summarizes them into 15 minute ebooks and audio books. Instareads are the perfect balance between long form and quick bite sized content — providing a succinct way to get through the top books in the most popular categories.

The company was founded by Rahul Chitrapu and Vishnu Chapalamadugu. Our partner Mar met them by chance during a break at the PostSeed conference. We liked what they were doing and made a small investment to get involved, help out and get to know the team. These two are the definition of scrappy — driving from Toronto with all of their belongings directly to San Francisco to pursue their dreams.

Their first office on Castro street, Mountain View was practically a closet behind a store selling wedding and Bar-Mitzvah cards and adjacent to another closet with a stealth YC company.

Rahul and Vishnu tried a few ideas in publishing before realizing that summaries are the best way to distribute knowledge to the highest volume of people. During this period of learning, we got to know the team well, watching them grow and mature as founders and ultimately deciding to partner for the long term with this investment. Our partner Ajay Kamat is excited to join the board and work closely with this incredible team.

It’s not rocket science to understand that it’s just difficult to find time to read as many books as one would like. People are inundated with content from Netflix, to podcasts to social media and fitting more knowledge rich content into your life is hard. Since we first started reading Instareads we’ve become addicted and have covered everything from The Five Dysfunctions of a Team to Good to Great, to Capital in the Twenty First Century.

Instaread makes it fun and simple to get the gist and analysis of a book.

It’s helps you discover new books, refresh on old favorites and is a phenomenal service to help decide which books to purchase and actually spend time reading. Most importantly, they are short enough to fit into your life.

Millions of Instareads have already been read or listened to and we think it has the potential to fundamentally change people’s consumption of books in the coming years. The team has developed a system to efficiently create Instareads and thousands of new titles are in the works. We look forward to being part of their journey to help people become smarter and more knowledgeable.