MMOCoin: A Juggernaut Waiting in the Wings

If you’re a gamer, you have probably come across MMOPro a few times in your grand adventures. It is a community where over 250,000 online players have come together to buy, sell, and trade game accessories in exchange for money. MMOPro has become a hub for trusted, repeat purchases for the serious gamer.

For the uninitiated, MMOPro pulls its name from the category of games that a majority of its users come from: Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs). If it involves a keyboard, a mouse, and an internet connection, there is a good chance MMOPro has been involved in some way.

They serve players from all of the major online games, including: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Eve Online, Mu Online, RuneScape, FIFA, and a plethora of Steam Games/Cards.

MMOPro launched in 2008, quickly became a gathering place for gamers who found themselves in need of game accessories that they would rather trade real money for than spend time trying to earn them in-game.

10 years later, the team has found themselves at a point where their users number in the six figures and they want to provide them more than just a place to connect.

For the past year, the development team at MMOPro has been planning the launch of a brand new user experience for their community. It began in March 2018 with the release of their own cryptocurrency, MMOCoin. It will continue later this year when MMOPro launches their very own Marketplace for their users.


With the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies happening around the world, it was inevitable that MMOPro would add a digital currency to their brand. But why would a community need their own currency when there are so many readily available? Let’s explore it.

The first is Customer Experience. It’s not an easy job taking care of customers, especially when the user count is so large. So by creating their own currency based within their own Marketplace, it provides a seamless exchange and a superior experience for everyone involved. Here’s how:

Fast and secure transactions. Using a cryptocurrency as their primary form of payment, MMOPro’s transactions are recorded on the blockchain and are 100% audit-able for any and all disputes between users. Additionally, transactions can be finalized in a matter of seconds instead of waiting for PayPal to clear or the dreaded Bitcoin confirmation wait.

An added feature to the transaction process is the MMOCoin Escrow that will be in place during all exchanges. This will virtually eliminate all risk of being scammed. So users can shop with confidence, experiencing fast and secure transactions. All of this equals out to happy customers who can get back to gaming quickly.

Despite being a brand new cryptocurrency, MMOCoin has already picked up a third-party merchant in Cakeboost that accepts MMOCoin for buying and selling. More merchants are in talks to be added, which ultimately leads to-

Launching their very own custom, user-friendly MMOPro Marketplace where MMOCoin will be the featured currency. Currently, MMOPro is a forum-based website, which means if you’re not used to the structure, you’ll feel a bit lost or overwhelmed the first few times you use it. However, with a well developed User Interface being implemented, the acclimation period will shrink dramatically.

It will be the blockchain eBay for online gamers. That got your attention, didn’t it?

But I’m Not a Gamer

That’s great! Because MMOCoin wasn’t just created for the gaming community. It is a multi-faceted, long living investment opportunity for everyone. It employs a unique, tiered Proof of Stake model that ensures a long, slow release of new coins into circulation. MMOCoin has a current supply of 100 million coins and a max supply of 260 million

Why should I invest in MMOCoin though? Well, it’s a new coin. New is always better, according to my favorite How I Met Your Mother character. But let me explain further.

GameCredits is a direct competitor of MMOPro. Don’t worry, competition is good. It means there is a healthy, abundant market that needs their services. Online gaming, with the proliferation of eSports, grows every year, and so does the market for those who want to gain a competition advantage through services like MMOPro.

As of this writing, GameCredits’ cryptocurrency (GAME) is $1.82 on CoinMarketCap, with a max supply of 84 million coins. MMOCoin has a max supply of 260 million coins.

Given the max supplies, the equivalent price for one MMOCoin, given GAME’s current value, would be projected at $0.58. Now, I know GameCredits is a polished, established product while MMOCoin is just getting started, but it’s a fair comparison given they are direct competitors.
 And here is why I think you should consider MMOCoin…

It is currently being traded for 20 satoshis, or about $.002. And that is with MMOCoin only being available on two very small exchanges (listed at the bottom of the page). With a competitor comparison at $0.58, you’re looking at the potential of a 29,000% increase in value for MMOCoin.

Yes, you read that correctly.

If MMOCoin reaches 1 penny, you’ll 5x your investment. 10 cents? 50x. A 10 cent valuation, with it’s current supply around 100 million coins, will give it a market cap of $10 million. That market cap on CoinMarketCap would currently place it at #523, right behind PandaCoin.

Clearly, there is some room to grow.

Also, if you have forgotten already, their community clocks in at 250,000 users. Good luck finding a cryptocurrency to invest in that has a beginning community of more than 1,000 users.


MMOPro has been a trusted destination for gamers for a decade. It’s literally as old as Bitcoin itself. They have a long and reliable track record that their users can depend on when they want to make their next quest in WoW just a little bit easier.

Development continues. The UI for the Marketplace is under construction. The White Paper and documentation is being written. This is just the beginning of what MMOCoin will eventually become.

Adapt or get left behind. MMOPro has chosen the former and will offer their users something unique but also something familiar. As the number of merchants who accepts MMOCoin grows and the number of exchanges listing it expands, you’ll see this coin begin to build up a head of steam.

In the game of blockchain roulette, a decade of success is the trump card for a new cryptocurrency to be a beacon of hope in a sea of flashy but questionable digital currencies.

You can buy MMOCoin on Graviex Exchange or Crex24 Exchange.
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