The Nuss Procedure and Chest Brace for Pectus Problems

Nuss Procedure

Pectuscarinatum is a condition that results in protrusion of the upper part of the torso, between the neck and diaphragm. The bulging of the sternum is usually found in boys, it becomes more noticeable during puberty.

Pectusexcavatum is the opposite of carinatum, in which there is a depression in the chest area. In severe cases, this malady can cause difficulty in breathing if the heart is misaligned or the lungs become compressed.

Both of these issues affecting the pectus can lead to chronic health problems, self-consciousness as well as depression. Fortunately, they can be addressed with the Nuss procedure and chest brace.

Treating pectusexcavatum…
Dr. Donald Nuss devised the operation named after him, while working at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, located in Virginia.

This minimally invasive surgery begins, after two small incisions are made in the patient’s chest. An insert is introduced through the incisions, in the back of the sternum and ribs. Next, through the same incisions, a curved steel bar is smoothly put into place underneath the breastbone.

A third incision is made for the introduction of a tiny camera to observe the whole process. The steel bar is then reversed, which result in the chest projecting outward. To maintain the integrity of the bars, a stabilizing metal plate and sutures might be included as well.

Overall, pectusexcavatum has responded favorably to the Nuss procedure.

Treating pectuscarinatum…

A Brazilian Orthopedist named Sydney Haje, initiated the chest brace, which provides relief for those suffering from pectuscarinatum. This method is considered better than surgery for many pectuscarinatum patients.
In the 2009, an advanced version of the chest-wall brace emerged; it was called The Dynamic Compression System. Customized to an individual’s frame, it is comprised of front and back compression plates attached to lightweight aluminum bars. The apparatus, distributes the proper amount of pressure on the affected area of the thorax, eventually correcting the disfigurement.

This process has proven to be successful for many patients who had pectuscarinatum.
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