Don’t Let Zuckerberg Control Your Newsfeed

Last week I spoke about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people and the negative or positive impact it can have on your mindset and therefore your life.

This week I wanted to expand that thought into what we allow in our social media newsfeed which we all spend a lot of time scrolling through each day.

When you have kids, you are mindful what tv shows or images you allow your child to see to protect them and ensure they aren’t damaged by what they see or read on tv/the internet.

For some silly reason, when we become adults it is suddenly all good to be filling our heads with negative news, people whinging about their lives, all the worst things of humanity that fill our social media newsfeeds. People are quick to blame the media and anyone other than themselves for what actions they take and the position they find themselves in life.

What most people do not realise or choose to ignore is the fact that our news feed is completely within our control and therefore there is no excuse for being surrounded by negative news or people within your social media. All social media channels have wonderful buttons which allow you to hide, delete, unfollow or not see this type of content any longer.

4months ago I started my personal Facebook page from complete scratch deleting all friends, family, liked pages and groups to begin my new and improved social media feed. Now, my newsfeeds is only filled with motivational quotes, acts of kindness, new technologies, new business ideas and a few funny videos. Basically I have decided to only view content which is going to improve my mindset and wellbeing.

All our Pedals Espresso social media channels have one simple rule for content, is this a positive message that will make people happy? If the answer is YES, I don’t believe there can ever be too much of this so whenever and wherever possible we will create and share content that puts a smile on our face, and we hope the faces of our followers.

I have taken control over what comes into my brain plus what we put out for the world to see and anyone can do this with the click of a few buttons.

The way I see it is if someone were to walk into your living room, throw up on the carpet, whinge about their day, complain about trivial stuff and show you horrific pictures of the worst things humanity does. Would you remove them from your life? Is viewing this sort of content through your newsfeed different to this?

Earlier this week, Courtney put a post to our motivational Instagram page called ‘Peddlings’ which said, ‘You are your only limit’. This means the only thing stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams is YOU. If you wake up each day and read about negative things and see content that gives you a dim view of the world. CHANGE IT!

For all Mark Zuckerberg has done for us and the way he sets the algorithm which controls what you see and when you see it, you still have complete control over what you see and when you see it by cleaning up your newsfeed and filling it only with things that help you be happy!

Instead of blaming others for your newsfeed, take charge and delete the negative nellies, the mainstream news who want you to be fearful or the old school friends whose lives revolve around getting drunk and clubbing.

Until your newsfeed is full of your goals and dreams, you are going to be limited as to what you can achieve.

Take control of your newsfeed and watch your mindset become happier and your dreams come true.

Until Next Time

Keep Peddling