Kids are the Best Entrepreneurs

Starting a company and setting ourselves massive goals for growth, expansion and success is a mammoth task at any stage in life. Add in a super adventurous 18month old son into the mix and you have a recipe for chaos but also a recipe for the ultimate success in life.

A great line from an incredible businessman called Tony Robbins is that ‘success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure’. This is why I believe growing our company and following our passion while Corby grows up is vital to our success because without the company success I would not feel fulfilled, and without having a happy marriage and happy family life, I would feel unfulfilled no matter how successful either was so the only path to true success is by mixing the two together into a blend of awesome!

It is extremely difficult and I whilst I do as much as I can to help out I am so lucky and inspired by Courtney who is managing to raise a healthy, happy, creative and inventive little boy whilst juggling her role as Head of Branding within Pedals. We are both stay at home parents but Courtney takes more responsibility over Corby and I am both inspired and proud to see what she is achieving.

There are quite a lot of sleepless nights and stressful days but we are getting through them as a family and always growing stronger each day as we overcome the various hurdles Pedals sends our way and chasing after a fearless toddler at the same time.

I feel raising Corby at the same time as building Pedals as a company is a huge advantage because we get to grow as individuals and as a family plus Corby gets to meet amazing people who decide to become biking baristas and explore new locations each week.

The other massive advantage I believe we have over other companies in any field is the fact that children are pure entrepreneurs. I define an entrepreneur as someone who can see a need, and fill a need. Not just in a profitable or financial situation but in every aspect of life. If someone is hungry, feed them. If they need a place to sleep, provide shelter. If they need a shoulder to cry on, offer it. If the world was full of this definition of entrepreneurs it would be a much better place.

I believe kids are true entrepreneurs. Because of their pure hearts and minds, they react to situations with the simplest decision. There is no preconceived ideas. They base their actions of see a need, fill a need. I am hungry, so I will eat that bug. I need to empty my bladder, it doesn’t matter if I am standing on the couch and have taken off my nappy. Haha. I see another kid who looks lonely, so I will run away from mum & dad to play with him. This back to basics approach is what we seem to grow out of as we get older but of the things we need to grow out of, this is one I hope to never lose and I am so lucky to have Corby to remind me to keep my decisions simple.

This simple approach to decision making can and will benefit our business because when we need to make decisions whether big or small, it is best to simplify them down by asking two questions. Will it help us achieve our goals and will it spread joy?

As adults we tend to over complicate things. I believe business is simple and whilst having a toddler running around your ankles or yelling at you in the backseat while you try to have a conference call in the car can make things a little harder at times, it is well worth it because it means we are going to succeed as a family.

As long as Corby is there to remind us how simple life & business really is. I am sure we will be successful and Pedals will become one of the most recognised brands in the world because we have a secret weapon. Every business needs a true entrepreneur and I think we have 3 running Pedals so look out!

Until Next Time

Keep Peddling