Pedals Espresso First Steps Into The City

Two weeks ago we sold our first franchise outside of our region and near Brisbane. We call it our first step to the big city. For this week’s blog I wanted to tell the story of their first 2weeks and how Paul & Hayley came to be biking baristas and how the amazing future they have in front of them.

Firstly, the process from enquiry to signing up was definitely the fastest we have experienced thus far. In total it would have been around 4weeks from Hayley’s enquiry to them being trained and taking ‘Frenchii’ their cart back to its new home in Redcliffe. This enthusiasm and energy is infectious and after they both decided to quit their jobs to take on this new adventure we knew we had some passionate Peddlers who are going to be super successful.

In their own words which you will see later this week in an interview we did with them by the seaside in Redcliffe regarding their first 2weeks. “It has been a roller coaster”. Luckily they enjoy roller coasters and have been able to keep a positive attitude throughout the ups and downs.

The first few days was mixed with bad weather, minor cart issues and plenty of No’s from events, festivals, council and businesses. With plenty of encouragement and chats over the phone they dusted themselves off and kept pushing forward.

Within 4days of starting, they had booked in a market for the weekend, little athletics on a Friday night, cricket for Saturdays and future bookings were starting to come in.

There wasn’t a ton of sales over the weekend but at least they were out and about and receiving more bookings/exposure with locals to build their name.

Over the weekend a local facebook page picked up a photo of ‘Frenchii’ down by the ocean and it went viral within Redcliffe. Over 500likes and 80shares.

The locals were loving Pedals!

The next week they had a few days away with family before we came down to visit them on Thursday for a catch up and brainstorming new ways to get sales.

Just before we arrived council had given them a definitive NO, and they were not going to be able to sell down by the esplanade despite them presenting a common sense case that it would not impact other cafes, locals loved the idea and they would be raising funds for the local surf life-saving club.

When we arrived to see them, they were feeling understandably dejected so we spent an hour or so that afternoon looking around at potential places to sell and finding solutions to the problems they were facing.

Thursday night I did my live feed on facebook and Hayley decided to change the way they start their day the next day and when we met with them it showed in their attitude. It could also have to do with the fact that Redcliffe is just an incredible place to start your day as well.

Friday morning we decided to do a photo/video shoot along the esplanade with them down near the surf club. Within minutes of Paul riding in on Frenchii, customers had qued up to grab a brew. Initially they had to refuse service because they can’t legally sell at this point. Customers then offered to ‘donate’ in exchange for a free coffee and away they went.

This happened quite a few times until they had run out of milk because they didn’t expect to be making any coffees. We were all stunned by the generosity and response from locals and knew that they would do whatever it took to gain approval for this location.

After our interview and photo shoot was done, Hayley was raring to get stuck into the new ideas we had all come up with together and they had a massive weekend ahead of events/sports clubs to serve at so we said our goodbyes.

Paul & Hayley then started an online petition to gain local support to gain a permit to serve along the foreshore. This is gaining traction quickly but the best thing is, later that day a councillor called them to offer his complete support and assistance in gaining approval because he could see the value it would add to Redcliffe and couldn’t see a reason to deny approval.

It just goes to show, that as long as you keep moving forward no matter the pace, you make progress and things start falling into place. It is only when we let problems become bigger than they really are and focus to heavily on them that we stop moving forward and create bigger issues for ourselves.

We are so delighted to have Paul & Hayley on board and as you will see in their video, they have big plans for the future and we look forward to helping them achieve their goals and dreams within Pedals and beyond!

Until Next Time

Keep Peddling