The Power of Those Around You

It is common knowledge that you become who you surround yourself with. This is not new information, nor a breakthrough method to improve your life yet so often we surround ourselves with negative people who don’t want you to grow, improve and achieve your goals.

This negativity spreads quicker than the common cold and if you are not careful you can find yourself stuck in the same situation that has made you unhappy for years for the rest of your life.

If you have one of these negative nellies in your life, as hard as it is, maybe it is time to cut them lose before you get infected.

Having a good mindset is vital for a happy life and a major part of this is being surrounded by likeminded other positive people who encourage you to grow and be better, not mock or only offer negative opinions about what you are doing.

The way I look at it, is imagine if you were baking a cake. Lets call it a happy life cake and when you got the ingredients out on the bench in preparation, your friend, colleague, family member or whomever it might be. Let’s call them Negative Nelly. So you get all your ingredients out, and then Nelly grabs the milk to have a drink. This delays the process by a little bit.

Then Nelly tips the flour onto the floor because she is upset that you are baking a cake and she has never even cooked a piece of toast before so instead of helping you and learning from you and encouraging you she only wants to bring you back to her level. The more you try to cook, the more negative Nelly gets in the way. You go to stir all the ingredients and Nelly takes the wooden spoon, you are about to put the cake in the oven and Nelly cuts the power. Power back on and Nelly tries to knock it out of your hands. Now ask yourself, is this the person you want to help you live a happy successful life?

Imagine if you went to bake the same cake and had a friend, family member, colleague or whomever helping at every stage, they got the ingredients out for you, helped to stir, pre-heated the oven and even read the recipe out to you whilst cooking your happy life cake. How much easier would it be to bake the cake?

This is the simplest way to look at who you are surrounded with and to make some tough decisions and ensure you are surrounded with positive people.

This week we signed on new franchisees from Redcliffe and over the 3 days training we can already see what a positive impact joining our network of biking baristas is having on their life but also what a positive and uplifting impact they have had on us and will have on our other franchisees.

The same goes for our current biking baristas. We find the more time we spend with them, the more we chat, talk, engage with each other, the better we feel about life and the more motivated and inspired we become to do better, be better and grow our businesses and our lives.

For us, the people who are getting involved with Pedals from suppliers, friends, franchisees and customers are what is making Pedals Espresso the positive and joy spreading brand we have always envisioned. The exciting thing is that this is just the beginning and we can already see how great our franchisees are and that they will continue to grow, inspire and bake their happy life cake. The awesome thing is, we are all surrounded by each other and we only want to uplift, encourage and motivate each other each day, no negativity and no one to spoil our plans so it is inevitable that we all end up achieving our goals because if we are who we surround ourselves with then we are the luckiest group around.

We have implemented a no negativity rule in our lives and I encourage you to try it for a week to see what an amazing impact it can have. You will feel better, achieve more and be happier in no time.

If you feel you need some positivity then visit one of our carts and talk to one of our biking baristas, we guarantee they will make you feel better and you can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee at the same time. #winning.

Until Next Time

Keep Peddling