Story: 10 book facts

1. Reading the authors who write well, you get used to speaking well.
2. Culture — this is not the number of books read, but the number of witnesses.
3. People who read books will always be managed by those who watch TV.
4. The more you read, the less you imitate.
5. The book is always better than the movie, because in the imagination there are no restrictions on special effects.
6. People fall into two categories: those who read books and those who listen to those who read.
7. How the rubles are made from kopecks, and knowledge is made from the grains of the read.
9. To become smart, it is enough to read 10 books, but to find them, you need to read thousands.
10. Trust books, they are the closest. They are silent when necessary, and they say, opening the world before you, if necessary.

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