5 Ways to Market a Drone Aerial Photography Business Online

For many drone pilots their product is aerial photography or aerial video and many are content showing their photography on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. But how professional is that? While this route to market may bring in some custom it’s not the ideal approach to marketing. To be successful we have to remember that Internet search is still the number one driver for commerce. You will realize this when you check some stats online. The figures vary but the average is high, between 72% — 95% of service buyers will search the internet for a service before they call or e-mail a service provider.

How do we capitalize on Internet search?

1) Get a website.

A well designed website optimized using SEO techniques is the number one tool that will help you capitalize on this. The added bonus is that you can control the customer experience through your website. Using your website to communicate about the services you offer to potential customers helps to inform them you are legit, credible and professional. A website will work for you 7 days a week 365 days a year. If you don’t have a website you need to get one as soon as possible.

2) E-mail potential customers

E-mail remains one of the best ways to make first contact with someone, whilst it can be time consuming it can be good for establishing whether or not the contact is interested in the drone aerial photography services you offer. Don’t be surprised if the contact does not respond 100% positively at first, they may not yet realize that they need your services. Now you’ve reached out to them there is a good chance they will remember you in the future, they may even bookmark your website to can return to it later.

3) Get other people to promote you in the Internet

Save time and money by using other peoples marketing campaigns, this is a great technique for when you don’t have the time to do your own marketing. Sign up with a modern drone directory like DronesUAVUAS.com and benefit from their up to date approach to marketing. This drone business directory is quite new on the scene and appears to be highly evolved in comparison with the stereotypical directories we knew in the last century. Considerable value is added to your drone business listing by their multifaceted approach to marketing.

For example when you sign up for a featured business listing they will feature you on the website which is normal, the added value bonus kicks in when your business is featured with a descriptive article in their drones blog. Due to the differences between listings and articles this extra bit of creative writing linking to your business website provides an additional route for potential customers to find your business. It also adds considerable juice boost for your website SEO ranking which gets stronger over time.

Not content with that the team managing this directory seem determined to provide value by actively promoting your business listing and article on socialmedia. This effectively multiplies the number of routes that potential customers can use to discover your drone aerial photography business.

4) Start a blog

start your own blog and update it regularly with well thought out content that will attract local customers. To attract local business you may have to be a little devious, or a little creative, try to include the locations you want to target in your text. Don’t just list them, do it creatively so that people will pick up the text when they are searching online. It’s a bit of a black art that will require some intelligent thought and local geographical knowledge of the area. Once you get into it you will find it quite easy. You could start out by making a list of all the places you want to find work in and then design the blog posts around two or three towns per blog post. Choosing to target two or three locations per post will give you scope and the ability to add similar posts about other areas and towns in the future.

Nearly there

The above four steps have helped you to create a funnel that customers will flow into and discover your aerial photography business. You might be thinking that’s great now you’ve cracked it, but to become successful you may need carry out at least one other step to guide people into your funnel. Success may not happen without some extra persistent effort on your part but your nearly there.

5) Put yourself out there

You can be assured that your successful competitors are promoting their business ventures in as many places that they can. To give yourself the best chance of being discovered and hired you will need to share all if your of the funnel components listed in points 1–4. Share them everywhere you can and get others to share your website, directory listings, blog posts and news.

If you think it’s too big a task to do on your own and you need help you can always leverage other people. Call on your friends and ask them to help share your links. Consider using micro influencers and micro job freelancers from websites like Fiverr and FiveSquid to help you.

Summing Up

Summing up, nothing worthwhile is achieved without effort, this of course includes success but you can make it easier for yourself by using others to help you on your quest for success for your drone aerial photography business.

Thank You!

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