The Complementary Approaches of Udacity and Linder Academy To Change the Future of Higher Education

Linder Academy
Mar 15, 2015 · 2 min read

Udacity’s purpose is essentially the same as ours. We both want to offer an alternative to the existing higher education model. Yet, we have taken completely different and complementary directions.

The entrepreneurial opportunities are so exciting now that many of the brightest minds decide to skip college. They realize that they can change the world almost instantly with a few thousand dollars worth of computer equipment and online services subscriptions.

As jobs are increasingly eaten up by software and robots, people need to update their skills and ways of thinking continuously throughout their career. Studying is becoming a life-long pursuit.

Udacity’s nano degrees is a phenomenal step in the right direction. They are providing job seekers an efficient way to upgrade their skills so they can get into the exciting jobs available. Their programs also enable people in their careers to upgrade their skills to stay current. They are having a massive impact on lots of people across the globe.

Linder Academy’s approach is to focus on the thought process instead of skills. We chose this direction because of our belief that the management of thoughts is the dominating key to success in this era whereas it used to be management of resources. People with certain skills can be hired for a relatively low pay grade, while people that can manage their own and others’ thoughts are the winners of the digital age.

In conclusion, our services are complementary and are changing the future of higher education fundamentally.

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