Releasing PEDI Alpha — Built on Stellar, IPFS and IPLD

First decentralized platform on Stellar built on Stellar Assets, Stellar smart contracts, IPFS and IPLD
New PEDI Platform on PEDInet

PEDI Alpha release

We are happy to announce release of alpha version of new PEDI platform. The new platform does not use a centralized database and stores every information of stellar blockchain and IPFS. This application does not use a login system and is only dependent on your stellar keys. There are a lots of new and innovative ideas behind this project, we hope you check them out.

The new platform is built using golang for backend API’s and Javascript based SPA for frontend application. The content is stored on IPFS and it uses IPLD for data structure. We are built using Stellar blockchain and use stellar for storing the IPFS and IPLD, we are also using stellar smart contract for ensuring rewards to users. This has been a lot of recoding and architecture is also changed related to the codebase. We will share more information in PEDI docs. Previously we had a platform written which used to store data on a centralized database and were using stellar for sending payments.

We are releasing Pedity Platform to everyone who have registered for invites, invitation will be sent out shortly. Pedity Platform will be open to public in coming week. Our plan is to open source the code by the beta timeframe.

PEDI API for public release

We are planning to release PEDI API for public release so that any dev can create different type of interface for different type of content using Pedity platform. The API will provide all functionalities for building decentralized applications on stellar platform. More details about the API will be revealed once we make these powerful API live.

Wallet Testing Rewards

We released Pedity wallet in the month of August and it was published on android play store last month. PEDI wallet was also first token( and stellar wallet) release from a Token Team for their token on Stellar platform. We sent 10000 PEDI as rewards to all users who participated in android wallet testing. Our Wallet is available on Android play store. You can download it today to easily send and receive PEDI tokens. For the Wallet application, we have planned to send a new update. You can read about planned feature updates on github page.

PEDI Wallet App

Better Communication for Telegram Users

We are going to add community managers so that they can answer question of new users. Community manager will also allow people to get faster responses on their questions. This will help in community growth and improve. Apart from having community managers, we are also going to add docs and FAQ sections. Join us on Telegram (

Roadmap and Bug reports

You can find updated roadmap on Pedity github. We are also planning to add new features such as conversion of PEDI-XLM pairs directly on Pedity platform. While using PEDI platform, if you find any bugs, please report them on our github (

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Thanks for reading. Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash