What You Are Here to Change

You’re lucky to be a human.

Out of everything in the universe, do you know what were the odds for you to be something else?

You could have been a plant or a rock, or not even exists at all.

Even when you made it to the sperm level, the odds for you to become YOU were one to 100 million. But guess what?

You made it to this world, you passed all the levels of this game and are finally on the other side.

And now the big question is …

What are you here to change?

You’re here for a reason. But not because someone else planned it for you.

The reason for you to be here is what makes your life worth living. The best part is, you get to create the reason for it.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” — Mark Twain

When you find your WHY, it becomes the reason for you to get out of the bed every morning and feel fulfilled.

Your WHY will turn into a mission and in most cases it exists to change something.

To right a wrong, to solve a problem, to improve a solution but most importantly to serve other people.

What you get to change is the quality of people’s lives. And you do that with your time, with your powerful purpose and by becoming a global citizen.

But what if you don’t know what you’re here to change yet?

No problem. There are so many other people who have already figured it out and need help to do even more.

Why don’t you find one in an area you’re passionate about and offer your help by creating value for them.

By joining other people’s forces and helping them create a change, you will too find your reason.

As much as it’s better for you to find your reason as soon as possible, there’s no rush for it and it’s never late for you to learn about your WHY.

A short life while knowing your WHY is much better than a long life without having a purpose.

When you create a change you also create a ripple effect. Your actions will attract other people who can then join you and your mission.

You don’t have to change everything but by creating any change you also change yourself. And that’s the most important part.

It always starts with you. By changing yourself you will inspire the rest of us to also change.

Are you scared of changing?

There’s no reason for fearing change. Everything is changing all the time.

The earth is spinning, our physical bodies create new parts and the seasons change every year. For as long as these happen, us humans can change and create change too.

I hope this has helped you look deep and find the real reason for what you are here to change. And if you have not found it yet, don’t settle down. Find a cause to join and let it come to you naturally.

I wrote this piece as part of a 90-day challenge I took on to get better at this type of writing. To learn more about me you can visit my website here.

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