What Could Be the Secret to Living

There are secrets to almost every important thing in life.

They are called secrets because only a small group of people are aware of them.

So why more people don’t know about these secrets?

You see, the issue is not that people are not sharing the secrets with others. In fact, they are pretty obvious if you start paying attention.

The issue is the majority of people don’t notice the patterns.

People who are aware of certain secrets, use them on an ongoing basis. So the best way to pick them up is by looking at their behaviors.

Out of all the important secrets in life, there’s one that matters the most and that’s the secret to living.

But what does the secret to living mean anyway?

The secret to living is a way to maintain a happy state of being.

Everyone wants to be happy. What’s the point of a living if you’re not happy?

So this means to have a good life you need to feel happy. And you may think to be happy you need to take from the universe whatever that makes you happy. Right?

Well, it turns out that’s not the secret to living.

Last night I watched a new interview of Tony Robbins by Lewis Howes. Out of the hour-long interview, one line of what Tony said stayed in my mind.

“The Secret to Living is Giving.” — Tony Robbins

Here you go. Now you have the secret. See, as I mentioned before those who live a happy life are not keeping their secrets to themselves.

Tony Robbins was raised poor. But since he was 17, he started feeding families during Thanksgiving because someone fed his family when he was younger.

That someone was practicing the secret to living and Tony noticed it.

So what did Tony do about it? He took it to a whole new level. He started doubling the size of families he feeds every year since then.

Now he feeds 100 million people every year and has the plan to feed a billion people in the next 10 years. That’s just beyond inspiring.

If taking from the world was going to make him happy then he would have used that money to do so. But Tony knows what makes him happy is giving to the world.

Why would people like Tony Robbins keep that secret to themselves when they know the more people know about it the better our world becomes.

Now you may think he has a lot of money so of course he’s doing that.

If that’s the case, why more people with money are not doing that?

Whether you’re generous or stingy, money won’t change you. It will only magnify your true personality.

But do you only have to give money to leverage the secret to living? No, you can give your time, your attention or your hand to someone in need.

You can even do it as a selfish act. Do it to make yourself happy. This is the only time being selfish will benefit others.

I have embedded the interview here if you wish to watch it. It’s a good one.

I hope this has inspired you to start giving more now that you’re also aware of the secret to living.

I wrote this piece as part of a 90-day challenge I took on to get better at this type of writing. To learn more about me you can visit my website here.

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