When Are You Going to Stop Judging

All day long your mind is judging everything that happens to you.

Some of that judging is protecting you against danger but most of it is hurting yourself and everyone around you.

In most cases, judgment comes from the lack of information. It’s easier for us to judge someone by how they look or act than to learn about them.

To inform yourself about someone else’s life takes effort, time and patience but as human beings, we tend to choose the easy way.

The only problem with that is when you choose the easy way, you can’t always expect the best results.

But how exactly is the act of judging hurting you and the people around you?

When you judge someone you create an image of them in your mind which is not real. It’s not real because it lacks information and most importantly it lacks details.

And that image creates an opinion that will hurt your relationship with them. It will hurt it because you will misunderstand them.

When you misunderstand someone you can’t have empathy for them and without empathy, you can’t build lasting relationships.

You see, it’s a chain effect. It starts by not caring to ask the right questions then it turns into judging and finally gets to hurting or ending your relationships.

In both your personal and business life, relationships matter a lot and to make and maintain good relationships, you can’t afford to keep judging.

The worst side effects of judging are wasting your precious time and ruining your relationships with family, friends and people you work with.

So when are you going to stop judging? Please say today or even better say NOW.

I encourage you to stop judging to free your mind. Open up room for better things like great memories of good times.

But how can you start with your new decision of never judging again? By listening. And how do you start listening? By first asking.

You need to put aside some time for those relationships that matter to you. Start replacing your fake image of them by a real one that comes from asking and listening.

In your mind, there are knowledge gaps that can only be filled by getting the right information, especially the details which matter the most.

When you ask people about their stories, challenges and experiences you allow them to trust you. They start trusting you because you showed that you care.

You cared because you chose the hard way. You decided to go for the real image instead of the fake one. It’s the act of caring that creates trust and that trust is all you need to nurture your relationships.

I hope this has inspired you to take action and realize how much judging can hurt you and the loved ones around you.

Have you experienced the power of judging in your life? I’d love to hear about how you’ve dealt with it and learn about the types of actions you’ve taken to overcome it.


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