When to Embrace Change

Change is inevitable.

Trying to avoid change is like trying to defy gravity. You like it or not everything around you is changing all the time.

Nature is in a constant change cycle, that’s why we have four seasons. Either you love or hate snow, you can’t avoid winter. It’s going to come and it’s going to pass.

But your environment is not the only thing that’s changing. YOU are also changing regardless of you being aware of it or not.

Every time you get a new job or start a new relationship you change with them. This happens because humans are highly adaptable beings.

Whenever you’re facing something new you have two choices. You can either do your best to avoid it or you can embrace it.

Avoiding change is not a good long-term strategy. Life goes on, change comes and you can’t stop the universe.

You can try your best to stay fit and healthy but you’re still going to age. Getting old is a natural process and the change it brings with itself is unavoidable.

So what should you do then?

Whenever you can’t stop something from happening it’s time to embrace change. It’s your only good option in most cases.

Adapting to new situations is how you embrace change. For example, instead of feeling you’re getting older you can feel you’re getting wiser.

It’s just a different way of looking at the changes happening to you. A lot of times it’s about seeing the positive instead of the negative.

When you embrace change you release yourself from being in a constant fight. Instead, you can use that energy to be the best you can be in the new situation.

You can try to avoid the new colleague who is going to share the office with you or you can try to become friends. The choice is always made by you.

This is especially important when you find yourself in a long-term situation. When you get into any new relationship, you’re both going to change and by embracing it you will save yourself from suffering.

Embracing change doesn’t always mean surrendering. You can still stand up for a cause you believe in. But it’s about realizing your power and increasing your self-awareness.

You can’t leave your comfort zone unless you learn to embrace change. That’s the only way to grow both personally and professionally.

Sure, you can plan for things as much as you want but in reality, everything is going to be different. But when you are adaptable to change you can get through it.

The main reason for why humans can live in most places on earth is our ability to adapt to change.

We hold this powerful tool that we can leverage to have an easier time when we face challenges. That’s why we’ve come up with winter sports instead of crying about snow.

We’re able to turn problems into opportunities and in most cases it starts when we embrace change. When we accept a new situation we can get creative about using it in the best way possible.

Now a question for you. When was the last time you decided to embrace change?

I wrote this piece as part of a 90-day challenge I took on to get better at this type of writing. To learn more about me you can visit my website here.