Where Can You Get More Good Luck

Do you believe in luck?

There are some people who don’t. But according to Google, the same people may not mind feeling lucky while searching.

Then there are those that believe in luck who strive to find ways to get more good luck in their lives.

Luck is such a vague concept that even if you have it you may not feel it. So how do you know if you have good luck or not?

Do you always have to buy a lottery ticket or a fortune cookie to check your luck?

The thing is, good luck is a concept you can create for yourself. It’s up to you what is considered as good luck.

And like most things, people see and define good luck differently. But there are a few situations where the majority of people come to an agreement.

These situations are usually created before these lucky people were even born and so, they don’t have much say or power over them.

Let’s look at a few of them.

If you were born in a wealthy country, that’s good luck.

If you were raised by two parents, that’s good luck.

If you grew up in a multilingual environment, that’s good luck.

Of course, the list can go on but that’s for the stuff you didn’t have much to do with. If you had any of the above, you just had sheer good luck compare to other people.

But how about stuff you have control over? Where do you think you can get more good luck?

You see, luck doesn’t just show up. You get to create your own luck. And a good way to do this is by creating value.

What goes around comes back around. When you create value for others, you end up attracting good luck for yourself in return.

Luck is all about intention. If you have good intentions, you attract good luck. So the best way to get more good luck is to do more good work.

No one wants more bad luck but do you know anyone who doesn’t want more good luck?

Then why only some people get more good luck than others? Is there a secret here that people don’t know about?

Turns out there might be one.

It may feel like a secret but it’s not because no one knows how to do it. It feels like a secret because it’s a rare thing.

It takes hard work to get more good luck and it’s not for all people. Not everyone is willing to put a lot of good work into the world without expecting anything in return.

You never know what work translates to what luck but as long as you build the habit, you keep going at it and you do it over and over with any situation.

Good luck doesn’t come to lazy people because they don’t know what to do with it. But if you’re willing to put the hard work and chase opportunities, then you’re in good luck :)

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