Why Success Matters to You

Every day you work hard to become successful at what you do. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself why success matters to you?

We are pressured by our society to strive for success. Not always for the money itself but more like the achievements that we can get paid for.

In today’s world, money validates your efforts. When someone pays you for your work, they’re showing what you do is worthy.

Does this mean success matters because it brings money?

The short and honest answer for most of us is YES. We like it or not, money is always somehow connected to what we define as success.

The good news is most of us have figured out that you don’t need to make money your main goal. As long as you work hard at what you do, money “should” follow.

But what if it doesn’t? What if you’re doing everything you can, following every rule and making every move but you just can’t see it.

Now that’s the bad news.

So what do you do now? Settle down and give up? That sounds easy. Anyone can do that. But not anyone can make it work. Because not anyone can persevere.

As you chase success, there are times when you feel like running into a tornado. You see everything falling or coming at you.

That’s a scary scene and if you don’t have a clear vision of what’s behind that tornado, running away or surrendering seem like your only choices.

But there’s always another choice and that’s perseverance. It’s the hard choice, it’s the risky choice, and it’s also the only choice that makes an impact.

When you persevere and go after your goal, you’re rewarded by the impact you make on the world around you. Sometimes that comes with money and sometimes without it.

Of course, there’s more into why you chase success than money. You want success because you want to feel appreciated for what you do. No one likes to work and not get rewarded.

But not all rewards come in a monetary form. What you need to remember is that making someone smile or helping them achieve their goal can also be rewarding.

So whenever you’re working hard but not seeing your expected results, it’s time to reflect. It’s time to look at the not-so-obvious stuff.

When you start noticing success in other forms, it’s harder to give up. You can go through tornado after tornado and not lose your vision.

It’s seeing success in the little stuff that can motivate you to keep pushing through the hard times.

Success matters because you’re proving to yourself that you can get something done no matter what. It’s a celebration for staying positive when everything seemed negative.

As you go on with your day, I encourage you to think about why success matters to you. What the role of money is and how you can get the support you need to persevere with your goals and dreams.

And above all, think about how you can help others get to the success that matters to them. Because when a tornado comes, everyone needs help.

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